Rapper Drake released a new song "Laugh Now Cry Later feat. Lil Durk" and a music video to go along with it at midnight on Friday and incorporated several professional athletes into the project. The video appears to be almost as much as Nike commercial as it is a music video, with the scene set at a Nike store, surrounded by their products.

Drake is no stranger to the sports scene, any Toronto Raptors fan knows that, and this time he called upon Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, running back Marshawn Lynch and Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant to help him out with the video. 

Each brought their skills and big personality to the screen and had sports fans and athletes talking.

Check out the video for their full cameos (Warning NSFW language):

The trio of famous faces starts off with Durant, who is playing one-on-one basketball with Drake.

The four-time Grammy winner might watch a lot of basketball games, but judging by his performance on the court against KD, it's best he stays courtside. 

KD celebrated his one-on-one victory over Drizzy with a tweet:

The rapper then takes the football field to play a little catch with the WR wizard OBJ. Here, Odell swaps over his one-handed catches to play quarterback and has Drake run the routes.

Beckham doesn't seem to be that bad in the pocket, so if the Browns want to add to their extensive QB list of the last two decades they could definitely give him a try. 

Drake was at an advantage because he had no one defending him and to his credit, made a one-handed catch reminiscent of Beckham's iconic one.

However, this clip in particular had players roasting each other over route running and getting beaten off the line, as they were not impressed with Drake's skills.

Brandon Marshall tagged T.J. Ward as his nomination for who would get beat, but the two quickly transitioned into roasting the play.

The roasts continued:

NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and member of the Madden 99 club, Stephon Gilmore warned anyone against mentioning his name.

At the end of the play, BeastMode took down Drake as OBJ watched, only slightly concerned. 

We also got some throwback fashion and NBA Draft photoshoot vibes from the video.

Drake played baseball in his video as well, though no MLB player was chosen to assist him.