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Haason Reddick was frustrated at NFL officials for letting go the viral play of Mac Jones grabbing Brian Burns' ankle after the Carolina Panthers defensive end had a strip sack off the New England Patriots quarterback in the first quarter of Sunday's 24-6 loss. 

Jones held Burns' ankle on a strip sack as the loose football was nearly 10 yards away from both Jones and Burns. The Panthers pass rusher tried to twist his ankle in order to break free -- resulting in time in the medical tent as a result. 

"I definitely thought it was a dirty play," Reddick said. "I actually saw and witnessed the play while it was happening as I was running, I saw him over there. At first it looked like he was trying to trip or kick Burns and then the next thing you know I noticed I saw him tugging on Burns ankle. I thought it was completely dirty. Hopefully it's something that the league addresses."

Burns had to get the ankle checked in the fourth quarter of the game, but it's unclear whether the ankle injury correlated with Jones' tugging of it earlier in the game. All Reddick wanted to see was a penalty called on Jones for the play. If Burns did that do Jones, Reddick said he would know the result. 

"I think it was surprising to not see that a penalty was called. It seems like they are always protecting the offensive players, where's the protection for the defensive players as well? I don't know. I felt like that was a call that shouldn't be missed," Reddick said. "I'm going to speak out on it. Whatever the consequences, however the referees feel that's how they feel. 

"But it looked completely intentional from where I was standing and I was pretty close. I don't think that was a call that should've been missed."

This angle from NFL Films shows Jones' hold on Burns was pretty obvious, which is why Panthers head coach Matt Rhule expressed Reddick's frustration, agreeing with his player on the non-call. Rhule wouldn't comment on whether the injury later in the game was a result of the incident. 

"Just when I looked at the replay, I just thought maybe that a foul should have been called," Rhule said. "I don't want to call out any other players or anything like that. I'm always going to protect our guys and it looked like it was an injury that happened after the play. So, I was just kind of defending Brian."

Reddick said Burns will be "all right" from the injury, but his frustration was apparent throughout the presser. Whether the league will address the matter -- or fine Reddick -- will be determined.