A secret plan in Philadelphia is being crafted ahead of Super Bowl LII. No, I'm not talking about the Eagles' game-plan to bring down the mighty Patriots. I'm talking about the Philadelphia Police Department's plan to prevent fans from climbing street poles if the Eagles do upset the Patriots.

Before the Eagles' win over the Vikings in the NFC title game, Philadelphia city workers greased street poles with Crisco in an attempt to stop fans from climbing the poles during a celebration. In a turn of events no one could've expected, it didn't work. Poles were climbed:

So, with the threat of an even wilder celebration in the aftermath of the Super Bowl looming, Philadelphia police have concocted a secret plan. They won't use Crisco to grease the poles, but they will use something. That something, though, remains unknown.

The Associated Press reports on the police's "playbook secret" below:

Asked Tuesday whether police have found something slicker, commissioner Richard Ross said, "We think so."

He promised that whatever police do, "it will be safe ... but it will be effective." He says climbing poles on Sunday "will be far more difficult" than when police used a vegetable oil product, which weather can affect.

Here's the problem: By saying they've found a solution that they think will be effective, in a way they're actually challenging Eagles fans to find a way to climb the poles. That's just the way it works, as Eagles running backs coach Duce Staley explained Wednesday.

At this point, it sounds like the only thing that can actually prevent Eagles fans from climbing poles after the Super Bowl is Tom Brady himself. But if Brady can't beat the Eagles, the city of Philadelphia should expect absolute chaos. According to Philly.com, police made 76 arrests the night the Phillies won the World Series back in 2008 with the vast majority of them being related to disorderly conduct and vandalism.

The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl.