Philadelphia football fans are a wild bunch. We've all heard the stories about what they do when times are bad. (Ask Santa Claus about that one.) But we've also seen them at their best, like when they got into a war of words with Cowboys legend Drew Pearson at last year's draft. 

The Eagles are in the NFC Championship Game -- which is being played IN Philly -- on Sunday night, so the local workers are getting ready for some serious stuff to go down whether the team wins or loses. How are they preparing for potential riots and more? 

By lining light poles with Crisco so fans can't climb to the top and potentially tear them down, of course. How else would they be getting prepared?

Yeah, that's real. No matter what happens on Sunday evening, things are sure to get crazy in Philadelphia after the game. The Eagles haven't been to the Super Bowl since they lost to the Patriots following the 2004 season. Their last trip to the NFC title game came following the 2008 season, when they lost to the Cardinals at home. 

A loss would send Philadelphia fans into a craze, wondering what might have happened had Carson Wentz stayed healthy. A win would make them euphoric, prompting them to think the Eagles just might be the team of destiny. Either result is likely to test whether Crisco actually prevents people from climbing light poles. By around 10 p.m. Eastern, we're likely to find out for sure.