What you're saying about CBSSports.com

"This is my first time playing in a fantasy league on your website. Needless to say I wont be playing anywhere else but here from now on thanks for such a great site! Yah-who?"
  - Joshua Gregory, Binghamton, NY

"This is the best website on the internet, I swear to the Lord, I have spoken your site up to many of my friends and all the other score websites don't come close. thank you every single one of you who makes this site run ..."
   - Jarret Nichols, Jackson, MS

"Being stationed overseas, I used to use ESPN.com exclusively for my sports scores and info, but I must say that CBS SportsLine.com is so much better and no annoying commercials when I am just trying to see a baseball score. I will never go back to ESPN .com and I recommend this site to all my fellow Sailors. This site is seriously the greatest. Thank you."
   - Kevin Jaress, Naples, Italy

"This is above and beyond the best sports web site on the internet. There isn't one that compares and if you're a true sports fan, CBS SportsLine is your one stop shop for sports information. You might not have to log on to any other web site again. I'm a believer!"
   - Andrew Kunitz, Chicago, IL

"I just want to tell you that when I need a score I check out your golf, MLB, NFL, and NBA scoreboards. Keep up the good work."
   - John Blanton, Louisville, KY

"The fantasy MLB-NFL has brought me more pleasure than I can express--I have been competing for the past 3 years and have won my divisions in MLB and NFL. Thanks CBS SportsLine for letting an old man compete and win with these young lions."
   - Bob Quinn, Zebulon, GA

"As an "other site" user at the start of this season I got to say you guys are miles ahead of the competition. So much so that I got a refund and moved our site over to CBS SportsLine, in the process getting prompt and helpful feedback from your customer service team. Great Job."
   - Stu Macdougall, New Brunswick, Canada

"I just want to say the customization area is awesome!! There is nothing better then watching the little guy puke on the Yankees and the Braves!! I love it!! Thank you much and keep up the good work!"
   - Jay Rosenberg, Hermosa Beach, CA

"I LOVE this site. It has let me stay in the game with the sharks in my league who usually feed on unsuspecting prey. Thanks to CBS SportsLine, I can feed on them for a change. Thanks bunches!"
   - Vince Ranieri , Glenside, PA

"My league has been on the site for 4 years now and don't plan on leaving. Each year the site seems to be getting better. It's easily navigated with fantastic amenities. We also love the fact that past fantasy stats are archived on the site! CBSSportsLine took our league to the next level!"
    - Mike Cohn, Atlanta, GA



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