Larry Walker found out Tuesday night that he made the Baseball Hall of Fame, squeaking by with a tick more than 76 percent of the BBWAA vote. Wednesday, Walker revealed he would like to be depicted on his Hall of Fame plaque with a Rockies cap. The final decision rests with the Hall of Fame, but they generally go with the player preference so long as it makes sense. 

In Walker's case, it does. 

"It's a hard decision, being a Canadian," Walker told reporters at a Hall of Fame press conference alongside Derek Jeter. He acknowledged that Colorado was "where the majority of my damage was done."

He spent parts of 10 seasons with the Rockies, playing in 1,170 games. He was with the Montreal Expos for parts of six years and 674 games and then the Cardinals for parts of two seasons and 144 games. In Walker's time with the Rockies, he hit .334/.426/.618 with 258 of his 383 career homers and accumulated 48.3 of his 72.7 total WAR. 

It's a pretty easy decision from where we sit.

This is historic, too. Walker will be the first-ever Hall of Fame player with a Rockies cap on his plaque. Perhaps Todd Helton joins him down the line (more on that here), but for now the Rockies are on the board. 

Now that the Rockies will have a player depicting their cap in the Hall, that leaves only the Rays and Marlins franchises without a Hall of Famer wearing their cap. The Nationals don't have any, either, but the Expos have Gary Carter, Tim Raines and Andre Dawson. 

Here are some teams that recently got on the board: 

  • Angels - Vladimir Guerrero, 2018
  • Astros - Craig Biggio, 2015 and Jeff Bagwell, 2017
  • Diamondbacks - Randy Johnson, 2015
  • Mariners - Ken Griffey Jr., 2016 and Edgar Martinez, 2019

We can now add Walker to the Rockies on this list.