The writing has been on the wall for Manny Machado being traded all season, and it looks like all signs point to the Los Angeles Dodgers as his eventual destination in a package involving outfield prospect Yusniel Diaz. With the All-Star Game over, it looks like we may have seen Machado in an Orioles uniform for the last time. Machado has been linked to the Dodgers and the Phillies the last few weeks.

However, it's taken some time for the Orioles to get the deal done. Dealing a superstar is a difficult endeavor, particularly when you're facing a rebuild like the Orioles are and don't have many marketable players to begin with. Former Marlins president David Samson -- who orchestrated a trade that sent Miguel Cabrera to the Detroit Tigers  -- joined CBS Sports HQ to discuss exactly what the Orioles have gone through, along with how he negotiated the dealing of a franchise player -- not to mention how difficult it can be to do so.

"We didn't do it according what Baseball America said, or what any of the pundits said, we did it according to our scouts," Samson said on CBS Sports HQ of the deal that sent Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to the Tigers for six prospects, including Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin (video above). "Who were the best players in baseball at that time? And the two prospects we got back from Detroit were two of the top 10 in baseball, and we couldn't have been more excited to be able to get back Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller."

Maybin and Miller, of course, are still kicking around the league, but not with the Marlins. Miller has been excellent in his time with the Indians -- though his numbers have taken a hit this season -- while Maybin is back with the Marlins after a few stops around the league, including a stint back in Detroit and with the World Series-winning Astros.

"And wouldn't you know they're both still in the game," Samson said of the two. "They've both had careers, but neither of them turned into what we thought. We thought that Andrew Miller -- from the left side -- was gonna be a starter, an 18-game winner; and we thought Maybin was a top-of-the-lineup, five-tool guy. He's had a career, but not a Hall of Fame career. And we thought we were trading Cabrera for the chance of getting back one or two players who could be just as good. And we got a bunch of other players ... trading a superstar like Cabrera is absolutely brutal."

Rebuilding is difficult, as you never know which prospects are going to pan out. The jump from Triple-A to the majors is a big one, which makes dealing a proven star like Machado extremely difficult. However, teams need to make these moves to try to get better, so it's hard to begrudge the Orioles for parting ways with Machado.