NBA Daily Picks: Can we trust Nets?

Brooklyn Nets   (USATSI)
Can the Nets cover at home vs. Utah? (USATSI)

Picks against the spread analysis for Tuesday, November 5th 

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Monday results: The locks continue to take a beating, so I'm retiring them until we get a little more data. When TWTIB (The Worst Team In Basketball) covers on a road back-to-back against a team that went to the Western Conference Finals last year, you're in a slump. But overall, a good night helped by Minnesota's sneak attack of the Cavs -1.5.

2-2 YTD: 25-22-3. 


GAME: Jazz at Nets 
 Nets (-10)

If the Nets are who they say they are, they trounce this team at home. But the Nets have not been who they say they are, losing to the Cavaliers, squeaking by the Heat, and getting trounced by the Magic. That's ten points they have to cover against a team with some fight in it, thats' getting desperate. Straight up I like Brooklyn, and I'm forced to take them here, but it makes me awfully nervous. 

GAME: Suns at Pelicans
 Pelicans (-9)

The Suns are without Goran Dragic, and that's a big loss. But the Pelicans have been so uneven, while the Suns' effort has been so consistent, that you have to be wary of this one. 


GAME: Hawks at Kings
 Kings (-2)
PICK: Atlanta wins outright

Wait, the Kings are favored? Look, I get that Atlanta hasn't looked great, and is on a long road trip, but they have Al Horford, Jeff Teague, and Paul Millsap. That's a lot more than the Kings bring to the table. And yet, the Kings could be good at home this year with a renewed fanbase and the Hawks are a defensive mess.

I've Got A Bad Feeling About This

GAME: Heat at Raptors
 Heat (-5)
PICK:  Heat cover

Toronto could ruin this, it wouldn't be surprising. The Heat haven't been impressive since opening night, and Toronto hasn't been impressive but they haven't been unimpressive, either. Pushing the champs who are reportedly without Chris Bosh could be their way of making a move. Either way, this one gives me the willies. 

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