When the 2018 NFL Draft gets underway Thursday, former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will, in all likelihood, be one of the first players taken.

But let's say he slips down the draft board. Would the Chargers, who pick 17th, consider Mayfield? We ask for two reasons. First, Philip Rivers is 36, entering his 15th season and presumably won't play forever (though Rivers' game at say, 23, is remarkably unchanged from the one we saw last season). Second, Mayfield admitted that he didn't take his pre-draft meeting with the Chargers as seriously as he should have.

Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and several Chargers staffers took Mayfield to lunch the day before his pro day last month. Before that, the team had given Mayfield several plays to study, something he had excelled at in other meetings with other teams. So how did the lunch meeting go?

"I didn't look at their playbook as much as a I should have," Mayfield admitted to SI.com's Robert Klemko recently. "It could have gone a little bit better ... but at the same time, I'm prioritizing which playbooks I'm going to learn. No offense to them, but I've got a lot on my plate."

Chargers general manager Tom Telesco was asked Monday about Mayfield's comments. His response to Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times was perfect.

"I'm probably not prepared to comment on that. My plate's pretty full. No offense, Dan."

Well played, Tom.

On one hand, we give Mayfield credit for prioritizing his time. Worst case, he lasts until the No. 12 pick, where the Bills are (currently) on the board. And for him to fall that far, the Browns (twice), the Giants, Jets, Broncos and Dolphins would all have to pass. That seems ... unlikely. On the other hand, it's not a great look to show up to a job interview unprepared though we give Mayfield credit for owning up to it.

And if Telesco's response is any indication, he's not too worried about it. As it stands, we have the Chargers taking defensive lineman Maurice Hurst in our latest mock draft (and the five other CBSSports.com mock drafts have L.A. taking a defender) but that all goes out the window if Mayfield is somehow still on the board.