If you're looking for a bold prediction about the 2017 NFL season, apparently all you have to do is ask a player from the NFC East, and they'll give you one. 

Earlier this month, it was Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott making the bold predictions. During an appearance at the ESPYs on July 12, Prescott said that his team would repeat as division champions after winning the NFC East last season. 

It's not easy to one-up a prediction like that, but Jason Pierre-Paul definitely managed to do that during an interview this week. According to the Giants defensive end, his team has what it takes to go 16-0 this season if they can "work together."

"I feel like no spot is weak," Pierre-Paul told Newsday during a charity event on Thursday. "I feel like with the players that we have, as long as we all work together, we'll be undefeated. Nobody can defeat you when you all are working together."

JPP's prediction is definitely optimistic, because even if the Giants are working together, going 16-0 won't be easy. Not only do they have to play the Broncos and Seahawks in consecutive games (Weeks 6-7), but they also have a late-season stretch where they play the Chiefs at home, at the Redskins, at the Raiders and against Cowboys in four straight games (Weeks 11-14). 

Although JPP had no problem predicting that his team might go undefeated, he wasn't ready to make a prediction that the Giants would go 19-0 and win take home the Lombardi Trophy. 

"I think with the people that we added, I think a lot of people are like, 'Wow, they should be a team that goes to the Super Bowl,'" Pierre-Paul said. "But it's all about the hard work ... I think we got a team that can be a lot better than last year. We can be as good as we want to be. You can't call it a Super Bowl team. Every team that goes into training camp thinks they're a Super Bowl contender."

As for Prescott's prediction that the Cowboys will win the NFC East, Pierre-Paul is a fan of the quarterback's confidence. 

"I don't condone stuff like that, but he should feel like that," Pierre-Paul said. "They won the division. They had a great season. I think like that all the time. I think nobody can block me. Nobody can stop me ... He's confident. I hope his team is confident behind him."

Speaking of Prescott and the Cowboys, at least one Giants player thinks they look pretty good. During an interview this week return man Dwayne Harris said the Cowboys look like the best team in the division "on paper."

Fortunately for the Giants, games aren't played on paper. Last season, the Giants tore up the paper twice and handed the Cowboys two of their three regular-season losses.