Over the past eight years, there have been a total of 19 players in the NFL who have received at least one MVP vote, but Russell Wilson hasn't been one of them. Even though he's been one of the best players in the league since entering the NFL as a third-round pick in 2012, Wilson somehow still hasn't earned a single vote. 

Wilson didn't earn a vote in 2013 or 2014, when he led the Seahawks to the top seed in the NFC. The quarterback also didn't receive a vote in 2015, when he finished the year with the highest QB rating in the NFL. In 2017, Wilson led the NFL in touchdown passes while finishing with the second-most rushing yards of any quarterback, and still, he didn't receive a single vote. 

So is any of this starting to bother him?

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora talked to Wilson recently as part of his 2020 Virtual Training Camp Tour and he actually asked the Seahawks quarterback how he feels about the fact that he's been snubbed so often. 

"For me, the number one and important thing is the winning part," Wilson said. "The MVPs and stuff like and hopefully the votes -- maybe I'll get one, one day -- but the reality is that I wake up to win it all and I wake up to be the best, too. I'm not going to shy away from that. If I do win MVP, it's because we're going great as a team and guys are making plays and we're all doing it together. Hopefully, we can do that this year."

Of course, it does sound like Wilson would like to earn at least one vote, eventually. 

"Come on? No votes at all? What more do I have to do around here? I'm just saying, can we get a few votes here or there," Wilson said earlier this offseason

Although Wilson still has yet to receive a vote, he's not holding a grudge against the guys who have been getting them.  

"Those type of level of players that I truly admire and I've gotten to know on a personal level," Wilson said. "You don't get that stuff if you don't win, if you won't win it all or if you don't win most of the games. I've always understood that."

In a twist, even though Wilson still hasn't earned a vote, one of his teammates actually has. Back in 2014, Bobby Wagner was on the receiving end of exactly one vote, which means Wagner now has more career MVP votes than Wilson. Derek Carr has also received at least one vote, but again, no Wilson. 

Over the past eight years, here's a look at the 19 players not named Russell Wilson who have received at least one MVP vote: Lamar Jackson (2019 MVP), Patrick Mahomes (2018 MVP), Drew Brees, Tom Brady (2017 MVP), Todd Gurley, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan (2016 MVP), Derek Carr, Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, Cam Newton (2015 MVP), Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers (2014 MVP), J.J. Watt, Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, Bobby Wagner, Peyton Manning (2013 MVP), Adrian Peterson (2012 MVP).

If you're scoring at home, that's 13 different quarterbacks, four running backs and two defensive players. 

Until he gets a vote, Wilson remain on the short list of quarterbacks who have made multiple Super Bowl starts without earning a single MVP vote. The only other quarterbacks in the sad club are Jim Plunkett, Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning

If you're wondering what the MVP buzz is for Wilson heading into the 2020 season, be sure to click here, where we break it all down. According to our friends at William Hill, the Seahawks quarterback currently has the third best odds to take home the MVP this year, behind only Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.