Amazon Prime Day is finally here (July 11-12) and the tech deals just keep coming in. We've come to rely on Amazon as our go-to for all things tech, especially our favorite Apple products like Apple Watch 8, currently just $309, reduced from $429.

Not only is Amazon the easiest place to search big deals and great prices, it's also a terrific place to learn about new products and accessories.

Since we're talking, let's learn about all the Amazon Prime Day deals on Apple Watch and Apple Watch accessories, which are, in a word, epic.


Apple Watch Series 8


Apple Watch Series 8 features sophisticated health tracking and apps, making it easy to take an ECG, measure heart rate and blood oxygen and track temperature changes for deeper insights into your menstrual cycle. And with Crash Detection, sleep stages tracking and advanced workout metrics, Apple Watch 8 keeps you healthy, safe and connected.

Available in four colors,  Apple Watch 8 pairs effortlessly with Apple iPhones, but note Apple Watch is largely incompatible with Android smartphones.

Apple Watch Series 8, $309 (reduced from $429)

$309 at Amazon

So you're dazzled by the Apple Watch 8 (good taste), you're intrigued by the Prime Day pricing (don't worry, it's real), but you also want to stay connected while you're on the go. Apple Watch 8 with GPS and cellular is the one for you. Featuring all the safety features and health tracking of the Apple Watch 8, but leveling up with access to emails, texts and calls, Apple Watch 8 with GPS and cellular keeps you connected and mobile. And yes, this Prime Day price is for real. (We can't believe it, either). Now go get yours.

Apple Watch Series 8, GPS+ Cellular, (41mm), $380 (reduced from $500)

$380 at Amazon

Apple Watch SE


To Apple Watch SE or not to Apple Watch SE? That is the question. Apple Watch SE is a powerhouse of a smart watch, featuring Crash Detection, Fall Detection and Emergency SOS.  It also offers extensive insights into your health, including irregular heart rhythm and heart rates that are too high or low.

A seamless companion to your Apple devices and services, you can even use Apple Pay from your Apple Watch SE.  Water resistant up to 50 meters, the redesigned case is even made with a new production process that reduces carbon emissions by over 80 percent.

Ultimately, Apple Watch SE is the fitness partner you always wanted, offering an enhanced workout app that suggests new ways to train and offers advanced meters so you can maximize your workout while keeping track of your stats. 

Apple Watch SE, GPS (40mm), $200 (reduced from $249)

$200 at Amazon

Looking for the benefits of an Apple Watch SE, but also want to maximize your connectivity? Apple Watch SE with GPS and cellular is just what you're looking for. Send a text, email or stream music without your iPhone, in addition to all the terrific features of Apple Watch SE GPS. Best part, this Prime Day price means you save 15%. 

Apple Watch SE, GPS +Cellular (44mm), $280 (reduced from $329)

$280 at Amazon

More deals: Yoxinta Wireless 3-in-1 Charger


Compatible with most phones with the ability to support multiple Apple devices at once, this 3-in-1 charging station can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods with wireless case at the same time. (Note: it's not compatible with Airpods 2 non-wireless version) .

This docking station uses high-power charging chips to ensure a fast wireless charge.  The cell phone stand angles up or down for use on video calls, while anti-slip silicone pads keep your devices from sliding off and breaking.

Yoxinta Wireless 3 in 1 Charger, $21 with coupon (reduced from $30)

$21 at Amazon

Geekera Wireless Charging Stand


Charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at once with this 3-in-1 wireless charging station. A hub for all your devices, you'll need just one cord and can track your (always go missing) devices, while making sure they are charged and in view.

The U-Plate design keep your phone at a comfortable angle, keeping important texts and emails in view, or the perfect angle for a video call.

Compatible with: Apple Watch 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/Ultra/SE 2/SE 1, and AirPods Pro 2/Pro/3/2 (wireless version). This charging station can also charge Samsung phones and Galaxy earbuds. (It is not compatiblr with iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 mini, Air Pods 1 or Samsung Watch.

Note: It's NOT suitable for iPhone 13 mini/12 mini/AirPods 1 or Samsung Watch).

Geekera Wireless Charging Stand, $30 with coupon (reduced from $53)

$30 at Amazon

Shop more Apple Watch charging stations on sale for Amazon Prime Day

Why buy an Apple Watch?

The term "smart watch" is an understatement when describing Apple Watch. If "genius watch' were a term, this would be that. That's because Apple Watches do far more than just tell time or act as a glorified heart rate monitor.  

Apple Watch can do everything from track your heart rate, to send and receive texts and emails. Apple Watch can even detect a car accident and call emergency services. Apple Watch does track heart rate, but also features loads of tracking options (temperature, calorie burn to name a few), making it a great wearable for the gym, work or everyday life.

And since Apple Watch features Apple's signature sleek modern styling, it's an easy accessory to wear regulartly.

Note, however, that you'll need an Apple iPhone to get the most out of your Apple Watch. They're not fully compatible with Android phones. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (on sale for $379) and Google Pixel Watch, on sale for $289, make great alternatives for Android owners.

The best Amazon Prime sports and fitness deals in 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is finally here. The two-day deals event at Amazon, running July 11 to 12, is one of the biggest sales events of the year. You can get Black Friday-like pricing on home gym essentials such as free weightstreadmills, massage guns, Apple AirPods, fitness trackers (like Garmin and the Apple Watch), heart rate monitors and so much more. In short, if it's sports or fitness related, there's probably a top-rated option on sale right now during Amazon Prime Day.

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