Shoppers, now is your chance to snag the first-ever deal on the new 2024 Samsung Frame TV. For a limited time only, Samsung is offering a Mother's Day deal that shaves $100 to $300 off the price of the upgraded version of CBS Sports Essentials readers' favorite TV, depending on which size you get.

This Mother's Day TV deal is available directly from Samsung as well as at Best Buy and Amazon. That said, you don't have to gift it to your mom to snag this deal -- though we're sure she'd love it as a Mother's Day gift. You can get it before Mother's Day (Sunday, May 12) if you arrange for in-store or curbside pickup at Best Buy.

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What's new in the revamped 2024 Samsung Frame?


Like its predecessor, the 2024 Samsung Frame boasts a lightning-fast 120 Hz refresh rate -- perfect for catching every nanosecond of action when watching the game. The matte finish eliminates glare so everyone can see the game no matter where they're sitting.

Unlike its predecessor, that 120 Hz refresh rate will automatically downgrade to 60 Hz while in art mode so that you can enjoy priceless works of art without taking as big of a hit to your electricity bill. Since the artwork is stationary, there's no need to have a lightning-fast refresh rate. For further energy savings, the TV will shut off when its motion detector senses no one is in the room.

The newly revamped Frame is now Pantone validated, meaning it uses color correction technology while in art mode to improve color fidelity on the art and photography you display. Your paintings will look even more like the real thing and photography will be displayed in crisper, richer detail than ever before.

The new Samsung TV is available in six sizes with prices starting at $1,000 for the 43-inch version and capping out at $4,300 for the 85-inch Frame. During this limited-time sale, every size except for the 85-inch Samsung Frame is on sale for between $100 and $300 off. 

The best deals are at Amazon, where prices dropped up to 19% on select sizes. For example, you can get the 50-inch Samsung Frame for $1,048 (reduced from $1,300) or the 65-inch for $1,798 (reduced from $2,000). The 75-inch Samsung Frame is also cheapest at Amazon. Order it from the major online retailer for just $2,698 (reduced from $3,000).

Other sizes, including the 43-inch and 55-inch, are about $100 off no matter which retailer you order from.

Top features of the 2024 Samsung Frame TV:

  • Now Pantone validated, works of art will look almost identical to the real thing thanks to improved color fidelity.
  • The Frame will automatically downgrade from 120 Hz to 60 Hz refresh rate while in art mode to use less energy.
  • It's a great TV for sports fans: You get 4K clarity and blur-free motion while watching the game.
  • Each month, stream a new curated collection of 20 free pieces of art (or pay $5.99 per month to access the full 2,500+ artwork collection).
$868 and up at Amazon $900 and up at Best Buy $900 and up at Samsung

Upgrade your audio with a new Samsung Music Frame


Another exciting new release in Samsung's 2024 lineup is the Music Frame. The Dolby Atmos surround sound speaker is disguised as a picture frame that can display your own photos or your pick of artwork from the same Samsung Art Store you use for the Frame.

A more stylish way to hear the game, you can get just one or order multiple speakers to place throughout the room. They'll sync with each other to create a robust, immersive listening experience that'll have you feeling like you're right there in the middle of the action.

While not currently on sale, it's the perfect addition to your new 2024 Samsung Frame TV. Get one for $400 at Samsung or Best Buy.

$400 at Samsung $400 at Best Buy