You've got your pickleball paddle and balls. You've got your pickleball bag. You're ready to get to the court and see why everyone is obsessed with this oddly-named new sport. But what shoes should you wear?

While walking shoes will do in a pinch, they lack the side-to-side support you need to chase the ball around the court. They also won't have the reinforced outsole capable of withstanding being dragged across a hard court so you'll end up wearing out your favorite walking shoes before you can say dink.

The best pickleball shoes are built to handle the quick, constant movement around the court while ensuring you feel confident and stable in your footing. No matter how you play or how often, keep reading to find the best pickleball shoes for every kind of player in 2024.

Best pickleball shoes overall: Head Revolt Pro 4.5


Optimized to blend durability, comfort, stability and flexibility, the Head Revolt Pro 4.5 is the latest in a line of some of the most popular and all-around best-performing court shoes on the market.

On the durability front, it features Head's own signature Hybrasion+ rubber compound that was designed specifically for hard courts. The strong mesh upper is reinforced with synthetic leather and a molded chassis to hold your foot in place and prevent wear in the heel and toe area.

For comfort, this shoe adds triple-density foam for a plush footbed that you can enjoy playing in all afternoon. The thick foam and rugged design are balanced by strategic ventilation in the sole and upper to keep your foot cool and dry even while it's wrapped in all that stabilizing, plush material.

Overall, it's durable enough to hold up to even the most aggressive pickleball playing styles and agile enough to keep you comfortable and stable as you move around the court.

Get these high-performance court shoes from Head for $139.

Top features of the Head Revolt Pro 4.5:

  • These shoes feature a strong mesh upper with a reinforced heel and toe that enhances durability and stability.
  • The triple-density midsole creates a cushy footbed for long-lasting comfort.
  • High-wear zones on the outsole are reinforced for extra durability.
  • The outsole is made from Hybrasion+, a special rubber compound designed for grip and abrasion resistance.

Shop men's sizes:

$139 at Head

Shop women's sizes:

$139 at Head

Best pickleball shoe for all-court players: NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2


Lightweight and built for agility, the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 is a high-performance shoe built for players who spend as much time in the kitchen as they do at the baseline. Designed as a hard-court tennis shoe, this Nike shoe has tons of features for pickleheads to fall in love with.

The low-to-the-ground design of this stylish Nike shoe minimizes the overall weight and improves court feel underfoot.

To make this shoe even lighter, Nike removed some of the rubber from low-wear areas of the outsole in the original Vapor Pro. That way, you can fly around the court while keeping that reinforced rubber durability in the areas you need it.

Other thoughtful design elements that are great for pickleball include the full-length foot frame to prevent unwanted sliding inside the shoe and the herringbone traction on the outsole so you can grip the court when you need to without feeling stuck or restricted.

Overall, this Nike shoe is durable and provides stability where you need it and flexibility where you don't so you can move comfortably and seamlessly all around the court.

Get the pickleball-friendly tennis shoe from Nike for $130.

Top features of the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2:

  • The Zoom Air unit in the forefoot helps you spring forward when it's time to race to the kitchen.
  • The reinforced mesh upper is flexible where you need it yet snug enough to prevent your foot from sliding around.
  • The herringbone outsole is designed to grip the court without restricting your ability to slide.
  • A full-length foot frame on the outside keeps your foot stable during quick cuts.

Shop men's sizes:

$130 at Nike

Shop women's sizes:

$130 at Nike

Most durable pickleball shoes: Wilson Rush Pro

PGA Tour Superstore

Known for its premium tennis equipment, Wilson also makes some great tennis shoes. One of the best ones to wear on a pickleball court is the Wilson Rush Pro. Every element of this shoe was built for long-lasting durability and performance.

The outsole is made from Duralast rubber, an extra-strong, abrasion-resistant compound with great traction. Then, high-wear areas are further reinforced with added rubber overlays to prevent wear. Inside, the Ortholite EVA molded foam is a high-density cushioning that keeps your foot comfortable and won't flatten as quickly as lighter foams do.

While it's not the lightest shoe you could wear on the court, it's built to withstand even the most aggressive matches without losing the comfort and stability you need to perform your best. This makes it a great pick for more aggressive players or players who prioritize stability and durability over speed.

Get a pair of these durable shoes from the PGA Tour Super store for $135.

Top features of the Wilson Rush Pro:

  • The Sensifeel 2.0 mesh upper offers a breathable yet snug sock-like fit.
  • High-density Ortholite EVA foam in the midsole is durable and supportive.
  • The Duralast rubber outsole is abrasion-resistant and has an extra rubber overlay drag pad to reinforce high-wear areas.
  • Wilson's 4D Support chassis is designed to maximize stability and control through forward and side-to-side movement.

Shop men's sizes:

$135 at PGA Tour Superstore

Shop women's sizes:

$135 at PGA Tour Superstore

Most comfortable pickleball shoes: New Balance FuelCell 996v5 Pickleball

New Balance

In addition to being lightweight and breathable, this New Balance shoe adds thick cushioning in the midsole and around the ankle to keep you comfortable without restricting movement.

A more responsive midsole helps you move quickly while added structure in the upper prevents your foot from sliding during abrupt movements. That way, you can launch from position to position and then plant your feet with confidence.

The FuelCell foam in the midsole is nitrogen-infused to help preserve its plush, springy feel longer than traditional foams do. So your feet will stay comfortable and get that boost of forward propulsion when you suddenly need to race to the kitchen.

Get the comfortable, agile pickleball shoes from New Balance for $135.

Top features of the New Balance FuelCell 996v5 Pickleball:

  • New Balance's signature FuelCell foam is nitrogen-infused to help it stay springy and supportive for longer.
  • The NDurance rubber outsole is reinforced in high-wear areas to extend the life of these shoes.
  • A herringbone traction pattern provides grip without limiting your side-to-side movement.
  • The plush ankle, mesh upper and long-lasting FuelCell foam all make for a comfortable pickleball shoe.

Shop men's sizes:

$135 at New Balance

Shop women's sizes:

$135 at New Balance

Best pickleball shoes under $100: Asics Gel-Game 9

PGA Tour Superstore

Asics is one of the best budget-friendly brands for just about any athletic shoe. Regularly listed at $90, the Asics Gel-Game 9 are some of the most comfortable and supportive shoes you'll find under $100. Its biggest selling point is the brand's signature gel-infused EVA foam midsole that absorbs shock better than just about any other midsole technology on the market.

While the gel melts away shock, the EVA foam adds a springiness that lets you move quickly and abruptly around the court. That comfortable midsole is reinforced with Asics' Trusstic technology which prevents twisting during movement to keep your foot stable.

For even more stability, synthetic leather overlays along the heel and toe help minimize sliding inside the shoe while still offering some flexibility to let your foot move when you need it.

While these shoes might not be as durable as others on this list, they're a great pick for casual players who want a hard court-ready shoe that feels good to play in and doesn't break the bank.

Get a pair at the PGA Tour Superstore for $90. Women's sizes are on sale right now for just $60.

Top features of the Asics Gel-Game 9:

  • Asics' signature gel technology creates a plush, shock-absorbing midsole that feels great to play in.
  • The reinforced mesh upper is breathable with added durability and support around the heel and toe to prevent sliding.
  • The Trusstic midsole is designed for enhanced stability and control during side-to-side movement.
  • The lightweight and gel-cushioned shoes are some of the most comfortable pickleball shoes you'll find.

Shop men's sizes:

$90 at PGA Tour Superstore

Shop women's sizes:

$60 at PGA Tour Superstore

More top-rated pickleball shoes

What are the best shoes to wear to play pickleball?

The best shoes for pickleball strike a balance between stability and flexibility. You need to be quick on your feet, but also able to plant yourself in position at a moment's notice. That means pickleball shoes should ideally have a flexible upper, a durable outsole with good traction and a midsole that can support both side-to-side and forward movement.

While dedicated pickleball shoes are starting to become more common, you can broaden your search to include tennis shoes and volleyball shoes since both are designed for similar movements on a similar hard court surface.

Is there a difference between tennis shoes and pickleball shoes?

While tennis shoes definitely work for pickleball, brands have started making dedicated pickleball shoes that are better specialized to the sport. Both prioritize durable outsoles with traction designed to keep you stable without sticking to the court.

But the newer pickleball-specific shoes that are coming out often add a little more cushioning, flexibility and forward (heel to toe) support since the sport involves a bit more quick, sharp motions on a smaller court.

Can I use running shoes for pickleball?

No, you shouldn't use running shoes for pickleball because they aren't built for the kind of movement you do on a pickleball court. Optimized for the mechanics of running, running shoes are often designed to propel you forward and help your foot roll smoothly from heel to toe. That's great for running or walking, but it can end up destabilizing you when you're trying to plant your foot in position for an extended rally.

Running shoes also don't usually have as much side-to-support or reinforced outsoles that can hold up to sliding across a hard court.

Save your running shoes for your runs and pick up a pair of shoes that are built for agile, multi-directional movement across a hard court.

How often should I replace my pickleball shoes?

How often you replace your pickleball shoes depends on how aggressively you play and how often. If you're an aggressive player logging multiple sessions a week or a trainer who spends more time on the court than off it, you might need to replace your shoes every three or four months. But casual players might be able to go as long as one or two years between replacements.

Rather than sticking to a set schedule, just make sure to check your shoes every once in a while for signs of wear and tear. If the outsole is visibly worn down or the once cushy and responsive midsole now feels flat, it's time to start shopping for an upgrade.