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Whether you're a weekend dinker or a pickleball pro, you're going to need a bag to bring your pickleball paddle and other essentials to the court this spring. The best pickleball bags provide a dedicated paddle sleeve along with room to stash spare balls, sunscreen and anything else you'll need to play.

For advanced players who've invested in best-in-class equipment, a great bag with padding, weather resistance and other protective features is key to ensuring that premium gear lasts.

No matter how serious of a picklehead you are, we've got your bag hunt covered. Keep reading to find the best pickleball bag you can get in 2024.

Best pickleball bag overall: Glove It Neo pickleball sling bag

PGA Tour Superstore

With durable stitching and plush neoprene fabric throughout, the Glove It Neo sling is built to keep all of your gear safe, not just your pickleball paddles. The stylish yet rugged sling is also surprisingly spacious.

The main compartment has room for shoes, towels, extra sunscreen and more. That's not even counting the two-paddle padded pickleball paddle sleeve on the front or the privacy pocket on the back where you can stash your keys, wallet or other valuables.

It's stylish, easy to carry and has plenty of room for everything you need to survive an afternoon in the kitchen.

Get the fully-padded pickleball sling bag while it's on sale at the PGA Tour Superstore for $56 (reduced from $70). You can also find it at Dick's Sporting Goods for $69.

Top features of the Glove It Neo pickleball sling bag:

  • This bag is made entirely of neoprene to keep all your belongings protected.
  • The main zippered compartment is spacious enough for shoes, towels and other gear.
  • Two exterior sleeves provide space to pack water bottles.
  • Fit up to two paddles in the front paddle pocket.
$56 at PGA Tour Superstore $69 at Dick's Sporting Goods

Most protective pickleball bag: CRBN pickleball backpack


With room for up to three paddles and space to spare for balls, shoes and more, the CRBN pickleball bag is the best way for new pickleheads to carry all of their gear to the court. But what sets it apart from a regular backpack or paddle case is the thermal lining that keeps your pickleball paddles protected from extreme heat and cold. It also has a water-resistant outer shell for added protection from the elements.

That protection means this pickleball backpack can double as your long-term storage solution for your pickleball gear. Storing your paddles somewhere cool, dark and dry will keep them from getting worn and damaged before their time. 

Get the waterproof, thermal-lined pickleball backpack at Amazon for $60. 

Top features of the CRBN pickleball backpack:

  • The water-resistant, thermal-lined backpack makes for a great cool, dark and dry place to store your paddles for the long term.
  • Expandable pockets on the front and sides can hold your water bottle, spare balls and other essentials.
  • The side pockets are also thermal-lined to keep beverages temperature-controlled.
$60 at Amazon

Most compact pickleball bag: Posh Pickler crossbody pickleball cover

Dick's Sporting Goods

For those who prefer to travel light, it doesn't get lighter than this Posh Pickler crossbody pickleball bag. The durable, water-resistant neoprene paddle cover fits snuggly over your pickleball paddle to keep it safe and has a clip-on strap for easy carrying.

A small zipper pouch on the outside offers just enough extra storage for your wallet, phone or a travel-size bottle of sunscreen. You can also attach other accessories to the same D-rings that the strap clips to. Our favorite add-on is this Posh Pickler ball sleeve ($20 at the PGA Tour Superstore).

While there's not much room to pack extras, this compact bag is great for quick trips to the court when you don't need to haul much gear with you. On days when you do need to bring more with you, you can still use this Posh Pickler as your paddle sleeve. Just remove the strap and slide it into the paddle pocket of your larger pickleball bag.

Get the sleek, minimalist pickleball bag at the PGA Tour Superstore for $40.

Top features of the Posh Pickler crossbody pickleball cover:

  • The neoprene sleeve is water-resistant and padded to protect your pickleball paddle.
  • An exterior zipper pocket provides a little extra space to pack a few extra small essentials.
  • The clip-on strap can be removed when you want to pack this into a larger pickleball bag.
$40 at Dick's Sporting Goods

Best pickleball bag under $30: Mangrove pickleball bag


One of the most popular budget-friendly pickleball bags is this Mangrove sling bag. The durable 600D polyester sling bag has room for two paddles in the paddle pocket plus extra space for your phone, wallet, balls, water bottle and everything else you want to bring with you.

The thoughtful design even includes a built-in hook so you can hang this from a fence or at the edge of the pickleball net. Other cool features include a padded back to protect your paddles and a reversible strap so you can sling this over your left or right shoulder.

Get the well-designed pickleball sling bag while it's on sale at Amazon for $20 (reduced from $30).

Top features of the Mangrove pickleball bag:

  • The main pocket holds up to two pickleball paddles.
  • Multiple additional pockets provide room for everything else you need on the court.
  • A hidden valuables pocket gives you a more secure place to stash your wallet or phone.
  • The reversible strap allows you to wear this sling bag on whichever shoulder you prefer.
  • A built-in hook makes it easy to hang this from a fence or net for easy access between matches.
$20 at Amazon

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