So long, 2017. 

You were a year of injuries, high-profile draft busts, and suspensions. Good riddance, I say. 

Sure, I won a few championships. I'm happy about it. But this was a rough season for Fantasy players, and making it to the championship game was more about winning a war of attrition than anything else this season. It's best if we just leave it in the rearview mirror and hope the likes of Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, David Johnson, and Odell Beckham – among so many others – come back better than ever in 2018. 

Still, we learned plenty in 2017, and we want to share that wisdom with you. So, with the calendar turning over to 2018, I asked our three experts to share what they learned from 2017, and how they plan on carrying that over to 2018. Here are our Fantasy football New Year's resolutions.  

Jamey Eisenberg's New Year's Resolutions

"I will buy into talent whenever possible unless it's a disaster of a situation."

I was worried about Tyreek Hill building off his standout rookie campaign this year because of Alex Smith, and he ended up better than expected. Hill is an elite talent, and he proved that in 2017 with 75 catches for 1,183 yards and seven touchdowns in 15 games.

"I will not buy into players who bust over multiple years again."

I've been an Ameer Abdullah apologist for all three years of his career, but that won't happen again. The same thing goes for DeVante Parker. They've disappointed me – and Fantasy owners – way too much.

"I will trust quarterbacks that I know compared to the ones I think I know."

Year after year, guys like Ben Roethlisberger, Matthew Stafford and Philip Rivers continue to be solid Fantasy quarterbacks. But I continue to fall for the flashy guys like Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston; although I also liked Carson Wentz. That said, I'm all in Deshaun Watson and Jimmy Garoppolo next season. Maybe I won't learn my lesson.

"I will continue to avoid old players."

I expected DeMarco Murray, Adrian Peterson and Brandon Marshall to be terrible in 2017, and they were. Older players, especially at running back, tend to fail more often than not. Stay away from old players in bad situations.

"I will continue to take chances on standout players in questionable situations."

I made it a point to draft Ezekiel Elliott no later than the second round in every league despite his impending six-game suspension in 2017, and I will gamble on someone like Andrew Luck in his comeback from a shoulder injury in 2018. If Luck is 100 percent then he will return as a top-five Fantasy quarterback. 

Dave Richard's New Year's Resolutions

"I'm taking a tight end early."

This past year I wrote about drafting a tight end at a fair value, mainly because I didn't want to get stuck streaming at the position. Many of my playoff teams had Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz or Jimmy Graham. I'm going to continue with this in 2018. 

"I'm done drafting veteran players with medium upside."

I'm going to go after high-upside players in the early, middle and late rounds. There's no point in settling on a player I'm lukewarm on, especially since so many mediocre players all produce at about the same clip. 

"I'm prioritizing players from winning teams."

Think of all the stud players from the clubs that made the playoffs – and then think of all the frustrating players from non-playoff teams. Obviously there's a correlation between successful teams and successful Fantasy players. 

"Injured players won't be my problem."

 Andrew Luck. Jordan Reed. Tyler Eifert. DeMarco Murray. These guys got hurt during training camp (or before) and didn't meet with expectations. Injured players who don't take part in training camp aren't worth taking a chance on – something to remember considering all the injuries that took place in 2017. 

"I'm going to draft the next Alvin Kamara."

When Kamara got drafted by the Saints, the thought process was that he'd work in their passing downs role and that's it. That thought was reinforced when Adrian Peterson signed. But the reality is that a super-skilled running back meshed with a smart playcaller and the end result was awesome for Fantasy owners. Let's go after THAT in 2018. 

Heath Cummings' New Year's Resolutions

"I will not overreact to 2017."

It was a terrible year for receivers. QBs continued to spread the ball around more, and passing was down in general. That does not mean we should draft 10 running backs in the first round in 2018.

"I will stop doubting Melvin Gordon."

Look, nobody actually keeps their resolutions, right? Seriously, Gordon isn't going to keep running for 3.7 YPC and scoring double digit touchdowns every year. But...

"I will remember that volume is king."

You want to draft good players, but even more importantly you want to draft players who get a lot of touches. A hyper-efficient player with no prospects of improving his volume is worse than a plodder with 300 touches – usually.

"I will not chase mediocre players on bad offenses."

Paul Perkins, I'm looking at you. I loaded up on Perkins and Rob Kelley in the mid-rounds because of their projected volume. That works fine with someone like Gordon, because we've seen the huge volume before & the Chargers score well.

"I will keep waiting on quarterback."

As this becomes more and more popular it becomes more tempting to draft an Aaron Rodgers in the 3rd round or a Drew Brees in the 4th. Alex Smith and Carson Wentz think you should keep waiting though.