Singletary had a tough practice Thursday, getting bottled up on runs between the tackles and even fumbling one time, Joe Buscaglia and Matthew Fairburn of The Athletic reports.

Meanwhile, rookie third-round pick Zack Moss thoroughly impressed, showing great vision and finishing explosive runs with his physicality. Moss has two inches and 20 pounds on the 5-foot-7, 203-pound Singletary, which could inhibit the latter from getting some early down work in 2020. In particular, though, Singletary's ball-control issues reared their head again. Last season, he was tied for second in the NFL with four fumbles, averaging one every 45 touches. With Moss swapping in for Frank Gore in the Bills backfield, Singletary may have a difficult path to average 15 touches per game, as he did as a 2019 third-rounder last season.

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