On Friday, the Minnesota Twins waived third baseman Trevor Plouffe.

The move qualified as a surprise. Though Plouffe suffered through a disappointing 2016 season, that description had more to do with his health (he played in just 84 games due to various abdominal issues) than his performance, seeing as how he managed a 95 OPS+. The Twins presumably shopped Plouffe around before making their move, and couldn't find a taker -- his salary likely played a role, as he could've made close to $10 million in his final year of arbitration eligibility.

Even so, Plouffe is likely to find willing employers on the free-agent market thanks to his track record -- he possesses a career 99 OPS+ -- and ability to stand at the hot corner. Seeing as how this is the time of the year where we speculate on matches, let's take the opportunity to figure out where Plouffe fits best.

Plouffe should draw interest from multiple teams. USATSI

Atlanta Braves

So obvious that there's no way it happens. The Braves have been aggressive in securing one-year veterans as they embark on their first season in their new stadium. Plouffe would likely come on a one-year deal, and would provide Atlanta with an upgrade over incumbent starter Adonis Garcia -- who, by the way, is older and just had a worse offensive season. Sure, signing Plouffe won't create as many headlines as signing, say, Justin Turner, but he wouldn't require as much of a financial commitment, either.

Los Angeles Dodgers

See that note about Turner above? It applies to the Dodgers, too. Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi love flexibility -- be it on the field or on their budget -- and that makes Plouffe, who has experience all across the diamond, an attractive pick. The reason it probably won't happen? Plouffe's numbers against right-handed pitchers are poor. The Dodgers are one of the most split-conscious teams in the league, and it seems unlikely that they'd offer a short-side player as much playing time and money as Plouffe will demand.

Justin Turner's free agency could determine where Plouffe lands. USATSI

Los Angeles Angels

Meanwhile, the other Los Angeles-based team would do well to land any and all legitimate big-league players it can. The Angels have steadfastly rejected moving Yunel Escobar to the keystone, yet Plouffe has enough history there to dream about him filling their vacancy. The Angels would have to bite the bullet on defense, but he'd give them another solid bat. (Granted, he'd also make them exceedingly right-handed.)

Various rebuilders

If the San Diego Padres trade Yangervis Solarte ... if the Cincinnati Reds trade Zack Cozart and/or Brandon Phillips ... if the Milwaukee Brewers trade Jonathan Villar ... if the Chicago White Sox trade Todd Frazier ... then they too could come into play. Basically, Plouffe should have plenty of opportunities to play for noncompetitive teams, provided he's willing to wait on them. Or, more accurately: Plouffe should have plenty of opportunities to audition for contenders at the trade deadline, provided he's willing to wait on them.