With the world still in the midst of a global pandemic, the NFL had a to make a few changes to its regular-season schedule this year, and the most notable one is the fact that the league decided to cancel all international games for 2020.

The NFL's decision to call off the London games means that this season will mark the first time since 2006 that the league hasn't held a game in England. The decision to cancel the international series came on May 5, which was just two days before the NFL schedule was released on May 7.  With those two things happening so close to each other, you might be wondering whether or not the games for the international series had already been picked out, and it appears the answer to that question is yes. 

The Jaguars were scheduled to play two games in London this year, and at some point over the past few days, it looks like they accidentally leaked out who they were supposed to play. According to an email the team sent to season-ticket holders, the Jaguars were supposed to play their London games against the Browns and Lions

If you're a Browns or Lions fan who was hoping to go to London this year, this probably qualifies as bad news. 

If the international series had happened, it would have marked the second time in four seasons that the Browns were going to be sent to London. As for the Lions, if they had been shipped off to England, it would have marked their third trip in seven years following games in 2014 (against the Falcons) and 2015 (against the Chiefs). The Browns previous trip came in 2017 against the Vikings

From a traveling perspective, the Lions and Browns both caught a break. For the 2020 season, the Browns will travel the third-fewest miles out of any team in the NFL with a schedule that will see them fly 7,342 miles. However, if they had made the trip to London, that number would have shot up to 13,322. As for the Lions, they travel the second fewest miles of any team in the NFC (10,166), but their number also would have shot up if the international games hadn't been canceled. 

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As for other international games, Falcons owner Arthur Blank revealed in February that his team was likely going to face the Broncos. There was also supposed to be a London game with the Dolphins hosting and a game in Mexico with the Cardinals hosting, but we may never know who the road teams were going to be in those games.