The arrival of the 2017-18 NHL season means the return of regular-season ticket sales, and the disparity between teams' admission prices is daunting.

Secondary ticket marketplace TickPick released to its average ticket purchase prices for every NHL team entering the new season, and the Montreal Canadiens stand atop the 31 franchises with the most expensive games. The Vegas Golden Knights, meanwhile, are cashing in as the new kids on the block, outselling every other team, including the always-popular New York Rangers, through TickPick sales.

Here's a look at the top five most expensive -- and the five least expensive -- average ticket prices, courtesy of TickPick:

Most expensive

  1. Montreal Canadiens: $195
  2. New York Rangers: $190
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs: $187
  4. Minnesota Wild: $146
  5. Vegas Golden Knights: $145

Least expensive

  1. Calgary Flames: $43
  2. Florida Panthers: $53
  3. Ottawa Senators: $54
  4. New York Islanders: $55
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets: $60

A little over half the teams in the league, per TickPick's data, average ticket prices of more than $100, with 16 clubs eclipsing that mark.