The deadline for MLB teams to extend a qualifying offer to free agents was 5 p.m. ET on Monday. The offer is a one-year deal worth $17.8 million for 2020. Once extended, players have 10 days to either accept or reject the offer. If a player rejects a qualifying offer, then he becomes a free agent.

This system has been in place for the past seven offseasons. There have been 80 qualifying offers extended and the only players to ever accept the offer have been Hyun-Jin Ryu (last year), Jeremy Hellickson (2017), Neil Walker (2017), Brett Anderson (2015), Colby Rasmus (2015) and Matt Wieters (2015).

If a player rejects a qualifying offer and signs elsewhere, the former team will get draft pick compensation. As well, the team that signs a free agent who rejected a qualifying offer will lose one or more draft picks. 

Players receiving qualifying offer

Ten players received qualifying offers this year. Here's the full list:

If there's a surprise among these, it's either Odorizzi or Abreu, though there aren't any shockers. Otherwise, the remaining names were all fairly obvious calls on the part of the respective clubs. Big names like Cole, Rendon and Strasburg obviously will not accept the offer.

Notable players not receiving qualifying offer

Players who were traded during the season weren't eligible, so players like Nicholas Castellanos couldn't get an offer. Dallas Keuchel signed after the draft, so he wasn't eligible, either.