When the week started there were a total of four head coaching vacancies in the NFL, but after a hiring spree over the past 72 hours, we are officially down to one vacancy. The Cleveland Browns are the only team in the NFL without a head coach, which is almost fitting, because based on the past few years, it almost seems like they'd be better off without a head coach. 

The Browns have been without a coach since Dec. 30, when they fired Freddie Kitchens, who was an unmitigated disaster during his one season as the top dog in Cleveland. Although the team is now going on 10 days without a coach, the job won't be available for much longer, and that's because the Browns are planning to make a hire by the end of the week. 

According to ESPN.com, the Browns are hoping to have a deal in place with their new coach by Saturday, which means they have exactly three days to figure things out. On one hand, it doesn't make much sense for the team to give themselves a deadline, because they're not competing against anyone. Since there's no other job openings in the NFL, the Browns can take their time finding Kitchens' replacement. On the other hand, it's easy to see why Cleveland would want to get someone in place as soon as possible. Not only is the new coach going to have to get the ball rolling on the team's offseason plans, but the Browns also need to hire a general manager since they parted ways with John Dorsey back on Dec. 31. 

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam made it clear last week that he wanted to hire a new coach before hiring a new GM. 

If you're wondering who's still in line to possibly land the Browns' job, there are basically seven names on the candidate list. First, there are the candidates who have already been interviewed, and that list includes: Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman (interviewed Jan. 2), Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy (Jan. 3), 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh (Jan. 4) and Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll (Jan. 6). 

The team is also going to hold several more interviews this week. Those will start on Wednesday with Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and then continue on Thursday with Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski. The Browns will then hold what is currently scheduled to be their final interview on Friday, and that interview will be with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. 

The Browns also interviewed Mike McCarthy earlier in the hiring process, but he's no longer available since he's now the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys

As for Urban Meyer, although his name has been tossed around, it's beginning to look like the Browns aren't interested in going that route. The most intriguing name on the Browns' list might be McDaniels, who is from Cleveland, and according to Cleveland.com, he would have a hard time turning down the job if the Browns were to offer it to him. 

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