Jameis Winston didn't waste much time after the conclusion of the 2020 NFL Draft finding a new home, ending a nearly two-month stint on the free agent market by closing in on a deal with the New Orleans Saints to back up Drew Brees.

But Cam Newton, one of the last notable quarterbacks besides Winston to remain unsigned, still has no clear path to a new job.

With the draft long in the books and teams diving deeper into their virtual offseason programs, here's a look at 15 teams that either once looked like candidates to add Newton or could still be in the mix for the longtime Carolina Panthers star:

Forget about it

Buffalo Bills: The old Carolina connections could've drawn Newton to serve as Josh Allen's big-bodied insurance, but with Matt Barkley and now Jake Fromm -- a younger, cheaper Matt Barkley -- in tow, there's not a lot of room.

Chicago Bears: As soon as the Bears traded for Nick Foles, they bowed out of the Newton sweepstakes, even if his style would've been an intriguing add for Matt Nagy. (Chicago, by the way, probably made the right choice.)

Dallas CowboysFrom a brand standpoint, this would've been a perfect match, with Cam bringing charisma to Jerry World as Dak Prescott's backup. The Cowboys have since added Andy Dalton, though, filling the role of veteran No. 2.

Los Angeles ChargersThis long made the most sense, especially with L.A. touting a roster ready to compete in 2020. But then Tom Telesco stuck to his first-round plan and drafted Justin Herbert No. 6 overall. And then Anthony Lynn, who's already talked up his familiarity with likely Week 1 starter Tyrod Taylor, confirmed the Chargers considered Cam before saying, "No, thanks."

Seattle Seahawks: For a while, Russell Wilson had no confirmed backup for 2020, and the Seahawks haven't been averse to a big name potentially sitting behind Wilson, once considering Colin Kaepernick for the No. 2 job. But then they re-signed Geno Smith, ensuring a veteran arm will be in the building.

Washington Redskins: Newton would've been their kind of move, not only because they have a penchant for adding veterans and might be iffy on Dwayne Haskins but because Ron Rivera and some of Newton's most familiar supporters reside on their staff. Still, Rivera put the nail in the coffin when he traded for Kyle Allen, apparently his newly preferred Panthers QB.

Don't count on it

Denver Broncos: Jeff Driskel landed a two-year deal to back up Drew Lock this offseason, but Newton is obviously the more accomplished veteran. Still, John Elway is probably OK riding out 2020 with what he's got after giving Lock all kinds of new toys. Joe Flacco gave him enough of a taste of a big, aging and injured signal-caller in 2019.

Jacksonville Jaguars: They traded Foles and only added Jake Luton in the sixth round, ensuring Gardner Minshew will get his shot to be QB1. With Joshua Dobbs still around as the backup, it's just hard to see them bothering with Newton, whose celebrity would invite calls to bench Minshew -- and mirror the spotlight of guys they've shipped out or tried to (i.e. Jalen Ramsey, Yannick Ngakoue).

Minnesota Vikings: Sean Mannion shouldn't cut it as Kirk Cousins' backup, even though Cousins has been incredibly durable as a starter. Newton would look good in purple, might warrant some gadget runs in a ground-heavy offense and brings the gunslinging attitude of their seventh-round QB, Nate Stanley. Still, would Mike Zimmer ever sign off on such a dramatic addition?

New England Patriots: They could've easily signed him by now, even as camp competition, if they wanted to. Maybe they'll change their mind in the summer, but at this point, calling up the Colts to bring back Jacoby Brissett probably makes more sense. All signs indicate the Pats simply aren't interested, either because of his health, his personality or something else.

New York Jets: Adam Gase would assuredly love a better emergency plan behind Sam Darnold after the Luke Falk Experiment, and Newton would be a New York media darling. Problem is, neither Gase nor GM Joe Douglas probably have much interest in putting a former MVP behind Darnold, who's already under pressure to live up to his own hype.

Pittsburgh Steelers: From a purely football perspective, this makes sense. The Steelers want to win now with their ferocious defense, and they saw in 2019 what a subpar backup QB plan can do to your playoff chances. It's just hard to imagine them "endorsing" Ben Roethlisberger's return by adding such a big personality in Newton, even as the backup. They've also stood by Mason Rudolph.

Logical and possible

Arizona Cardinals: They've built around Kyler Murray, but now they need better Murray insurance. Ownership hasn't been afraid to get bold for big-name additions this offseason (see: Hopkins, DeAndre), and Newton shouldn't command much money at this point. He's a clear upgrade on Brett Hundley, and Kliff Kingsbury would surely have no issue adapting the offense for such a notable No. 2.

Baltimore Ravens: They liked Robert Griffin III enough to give him a second contract as Lamar Jackson's No. 2, but come on: You just know John Harbaugh and Greg Roman would drool at the chance to plug Newton into their mobile-QB machine. It'd be a luxury move more than anything, which is why it's still unlikely, but Cam almost certainly wouldn't be opposed.

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams are financially married to Jared Goff, but they just restructured his deal for a reason. They also just need a backup anyway. On paper, it makes sense: Newton gets to bask in the L.A. spotlight for a potential playoff contender, and Sean McVay gets his most talented dual-threat option since RGIII -- and an emergency starter in the event Goff keeps regressing.