The NFL has a really bad habit of squashing out any fun that players are having on the field, whether it be with uniforms or end-zone celebrations. Cleats, notably, must conform to certain standards. But not in Week 13, when the league will allow players, through the #MyCauseMyCleats campaign, to wear customized cleats that are then auctioned off for a good cause.

This makes too much sense, honestly, and the results are going to be fantastic, with a bunch of cool cleats popping up on social media.

Dak Prescott of the Cowboys will kick things off on "Thursday Night Football" against the Vikings with a pair of cleats that say "MOM" on them. Prescott's mother died of colon cancer, and the funds from his custom cleats will be dedicated to fighting colon cancer.

Dak won't be the only one in the game with different cleats -- Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott is wearing cleats with puppy prints and dog bones on them to prevent animal cruelty.

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The other team will have on cleats too! Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks will be wearing patent-leather black shoes with #Sacks4Kids on them to benefit Sheridan Story, a charity designed to battle child hunger.

Many more Vikings and Cowboys players will wear cleats -- check out the full Vikings collection here and you can see the full collection of Cowboys cleats here.

There are a ton of other cleats out there too. More than 500 players will be participating according to the NFL. We can't show you them all (check the hashtag on Twitter), but we can highlight some of the cooler ones below.

Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams will, naturally, show his late mother some love and continue his fight against breast cancer.

Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu will go full Goldfinger with shoes that say "Sideline racism" on them.

Von Miller's charity work includes giving eyeglasses to needy kids, and the Broncos linebacker will have eye charts on his cleats this week.

Greg Olsen of the Panthers, will literally be supporting a cause near to his heart. His son T.J. was diagnosed with a heart defect in 2012 and his auctioned cleats will go to support Levine Children's hospital, where his HEARTest Yard program helps work with others in the community whose children have a similar defect.

Patriots defensive end Chris Long will be wearing some "Waterboys" cleats -- it's his personal charity designed to build wells in countries with less resources.

And, yes, this is all sanctioned.

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is wearing shoes to represent the International Justice Mission as well.

"One of the great NFL traditions is how our players passionately support important causes in their communities and around the globe every year," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said this week. "They are incredibly creative by nature so we are not surprised how they are seizing the opportunity this week with inspiring expressions of their charitable commitments on their cleats, online and through social media."

Kudos to the league for utilizing fun to generate some money for good causes.