Buffalo's quarterback situation has basically been untenable since Jim Kelly retired, but 2018 is taking on a special quality, with the Bills trotting out Nathan Peterman and Derek Anderson for multiple starts. Add another name to the list, as Matt Barkley will start for the Bills on Sunday against the Jets

When the Bills signed Terrelle Pryor, we joked he was their best option at receiver AND quarterback. Barkley won't be catching any passes, but after being signed by the Bills shortly after Pryor, he basically became their top healthy option at quarterback.

Peterman has been a disaster this season, with some folks calling him the worst starting quarterback in NFL history. His career interception percentage of 9.2 percent is virtually unfathomable. 

Anderson signed with the Bills and promptly started a game within two weeks of joining the team. He's 35 and probably has no business out on the field, at least not with the personnel the Bills have. (That's not an indictment of Anderson, who actually played well against the Patriots, but it's unfair to make a guy his age who just signed into a new offensive system to try and win games.)

Poor Peterman keeps drawing the rough assignments -- he managed to land on the "Bears" square of the Who Will Start For Buffalo? board game and actually saw his career interception percentage drop despite throwing a trio of picks.

Rookie Josh Allen would be the starter, but he's not healthy enough to get out there. Allen suffered an elbow injury that is serious enough to at least receive consideration for Tommy John surgery. He was wisely ruled out by the Bills on Saturday.

Now Barkley, who was also signed less than two weeks ago, has to run out on the field and try to secure the Bills a divisional win against their rival. 

The Jets aren't exactly in great shape either. New York will be starting Josh McCown after rookie Sam Darnold suffered a foot sprain that could sideline him for several weeks

It's probably good for Darnold to sit considering how much pressure he's been under and the lack of weapons for the Jets. And you could even make the case that McCown is an upgrade. Which probably explains why the Jets are a full touchdown favorite against the Bills.