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If the 2022 NFL offseason is any indication, the draft could be chock-full of not only picks but trades. After a frenzied free agency that saw plenty of big names moved, it's possible this year's rookies will enter amid more wheeling and dealing, with several teams owning multiple first-round picks and a haze of general uncertainty clouding the top of the class.

But which teams are primed to move? Here's a look at clubs most likely to trade up or down at the start of the draft:

Most likely to trade up


Top picks: Nos. 29, 30, 50, 62

After dealing Tyreek Hill, they're still in the market for receiver help. Armed with two late firsts, they could easily try to move into the teens to secure one of the draft's top pass-catchers, keeping Patrick Mahomes' arsenal strong for another title push.


Top picks: Nos. 15, 18, 51

They're just as likely to move down as they are up, but either way, general manager Howie Roseman loves to work the phones. With an additional 2023 first in their pocket, they may justify a leap to get a premium starter at WR, edge rusher or defensive back.


Top picks: Nos. 22, 28, 53, 59

Much like the Chiefs, they sold their elite receiver and must now invest in the position, for Aaron Rodgers' sake. Standing pat and addressing two needs on Day One isn't out of the question, but this might be the time for Brian Gutekunst to get aggressive. It's very possible one of the top three or four WR prospects will be within a few picks' reach.


Top picks: Nos. 16, 19, 49

Perhaps their pre-draft trade with the Eagles, to add an extra first, was solely a play to ensure they add two potential starters to a team they still view as playoff-caliber. It's just as possible they're gearing up for a follow-up move, either to make a splash at QB or on defense, a la their move up for Marcus Davenport in 2018.


Top picks: Nos. 9, 40, 41

Pete Carroll and Co. are prone to head-scratchers on draft day, and with three top-45 picks, they have the ammo to make noise. If a QB piques their interest post-Russell Wilson, they have the ammo to move farther up the top 10. They might also consider a move back into the first if a QB (Kenny Pickett? Matt Corral?) slides.


Top picks: Nos. 20, 52

They aren't loaded with extra/premium picks, but they could use a QB to pair with Mitchell Trubisky in the first post-Ben Roethlisberger trial run. That could mean sitting still, but if Malik Willis is their target, a move up might be necessary.

Most likely to trade down


Top picks: Nos. 25, 57

You might think Brandon Beane would be more inclined to move up with Buffalo in win-now mode, but their needs can be addressed more patiently. Sliding back -- or even out of -- the first round could help them take an additional swing on Day Two.


Top picks: No. 17

They're all in on elevating Justin Herbert and Co. to a deep playoff run in 2022, but with no second-rounder, they might be able to drop a few slots, pick up an additional pick and still get a starting-caliber piece on Day One. 


Top picks: Nos. 5, 7, 36

If they sit tight and take two top-10 players, good for them. But new GM Joe Schoen understands this is a total rebuild, and a QB-hungry team might be itching to take one of their early picks, potentially boosting New York's 2023 draft capital in the process.


Top picks: Nos. 21, 54

Bill Belichick is notorious for moving down in the draft, and while New England could use -- and find -- a Day One starter by standing pat, the Patriots might be able to do the same by sliding a few spots in the 20s. The remaining top prospects at their logical targets (CB, LB) could very well be on the board regardless.