October in the NFL now means trade season in the NFL, and with the 2019 deadline quickly approaching, teams are already working the phones to buy and sell in advance of this year's playoff push.

A couple of notable wide receivers flew off the market a week ahead of the Oct. 29 cutoff, with the New England Patriots shipping a second-round draft pick to the Atlanta Falcons for Mohamed Sanu and the San Francisco 49ers getting Emmanuel Sanders in a package deal with the Denver Broncos. But if recent history is any indication, that's just a start.

Because the trade deadline can be a whirlwind, we've got you covered right here with an overview of all the most notable players rumored to be on the block. Below, you'll find a running list of players at every position -- from quarterback to safety -- almost all of whom have either been reported or frequently speculated as likely trade candidates. Some, of course, are far more likely than others to be dealt, but if you're looking for players that at least figure to be part of conversations among NFL GMs in the coming days, these are your guys.

Note: Only trades since October 1 have been recorded as part of the rundown, meaning early or preseason deals like those for Minkah Fitzpatrick, Laremy Tunsil and Jadeveon Clowney were not included.


Neither Keenum nor Fitzpatrick seems like a safe bet to be moved, but as stopgap QBs and impending free agents, they'll almost definitely be dangled by their rebuilding teams.

Already traded: N/A


Miami could be eager to move on from Drake ahead of an inevitable split in 2020 free agency, while the Chargers might be inclined to grant Gordon's offseason wish and send him packing now that their playoff hopes are going down the tubes and he'll be seeking a big payday -- despite a lackluster return -- after the year.

Already traded: N/A


The Bengals continue to insist they won't part with their star wideout, but draft picks talk. Anderson, meanwhile, should be coveted by any contender in need of a deep threat at the cost of a mid-round pick. The Eagles would probably love to swap Agholor for him straight-up.

Already traded: Emmanuel Sanders (Broncos to 49ers), Mohamed Sanu (Falcons to Patriots), Zay Jones (Bills to Raiders)


Howard is severely underutilized, and Hooper has been fed, but both teams could use draft picks even more.

Already traded: N/A


You've got almost a full, starting-caliber offensive line between these four. Osemele is easily the most likely to be discarded, although he's still embroiled in a dispute with the Jets medical staff, so that could complicate matters.

Already traded: Austin Corbett (Browns to Rams)


The only reason Ngakoue would be on the move is if the Jags acknowledge they won't be paying him big bucks after the season. It's unclear if that's more or less likely now that team ownership has already caved on trading away Jalen Ramsey. Williams could be a nice get for a contender looking to capitalize on New York's misfortune. Ditto for Dunlap, who might thrive if moved to the right situation in a rotational role.

Already traded: The New York Jets and New York Giants made their first-ever trade. The Jets sent former first-round draft pick Leonard Willimas to the Giants for a 2020 third-round pick and a conditional 2021 fifth-round draft pick (that can evolved into a fourth-round pick).


Atkins has an awfully expensive contract over the next few seasons, but he's also got a pristine resume. Cincy might never have a better chance to sell a 30-plus-year-old interior lineman.

Already traded: N/A


The apparently thin state of this market simply shows how the 4-3 LB spot has, at least in some sense, been devalued in comparison to pass rushers and cover men.

Already traded: Kenny Young (Ravens to Rams)


If you're hungry for a corner, this might be the year for you, and that's saying something considering two Pro Bowlers have already been dealt this month. Like the Bengals with A.J. Green, the Cardinals will never admit to wanting to trade Peterson, and after three straight wins, they might actually talk themselves into keeping him. But the smart thing would be to squeeze a contender for premium picks. Harris, Trufant, Jackson and Ryan would all be serviceable plug-and-play CBs for teams in need of secondary help.

Already traded: Jalen Ramsey (Jaguars to Rams), Marcus Peters (Rams to Ravens), 


Not much happening at safety, at least yet. But you can never rule out another salary-dumping, pick-collecting Dolphins deal.

Already traded: Johnathan Cyprien (Eagles to Falcons)