As the Steelers ascend toward the top of the AFC and the Raiders sit at the bottom, Ryan Switzer knows how lucky he got.

In April, Switzer moved from Dallas to Oakland when the Raiders sent defensive tackle Jihad Ward to the Cowboys in exchange for the receiver/returner. But before the season began, the Raiders traded away Switzer for a higher late-round draft pick. This time, Switzer headed to Pittsburgh, where he joined a Steelers team that has since emerged as the only viable contender in the AFC North. Meanwhile, the Raiders have completely imploded. Not only have they gotten rid of the vast majority of their talented players like Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper, and Bruce Irvin, but they've also lost eight of their first nine games. 

Switzer isn't taking his drastic chance in circumstances for granted. He knows how "lucky" he was that the Steelers rescued him from Oakland. 

Switzer's reaction to escaping the horrors that have consumed Oakland matches Irvin's. After Irvin got released by the Raiders and landed in Atlanta earlier this month, he yelled "I'm free! I'm free!" as he headed to his first practice with his new team, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Neither of their reactions matches what Jon Gruden is saying about his team. During a recent interview with Fox, Gruden claimed that he gets "a lot of phone calls from people who are dying to come and play here."

It's difficult to imagine that being true. Even though the Raiders are loaded with first-round picks thanks to their recent flurry of trades, they're still at least a few years away from building a winner. First, they need to use those picks on the right players. And then they need to hope those players develop into worthy players. There's no guarantee that process goes smoothly or quickly. 

Meanwhile, Switzer gets to enjoy playing for a Steelers team that is now 6-2-1. He's also enjoying a solid season that's seen him improve his numbers from his rookie year in Dallas. Switzer has caught 18 passes for 119 yards and a touchdown in addition to returning 17 punts for 176 yards (10.4 yards per punt return) and 18 kickoffs for 360 yards (20 yards per kick return). On a team featuring players like Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Le'Veon Bell James Conner, Switzer will never get a chance to develop into a starting-caliber receiver, but he is finding a way to contribute on a possible Super Bowl contender. 

Considering how close he came to spending the season in Oakland, what he's doing in Pittsburgh is a pretty huge win for Switzer.