We've reached the time of year in the Bottom 25 when we can make some solid assumptions about how things are going to play out. At this point of the season, there's been enough data entered into my formula about all of these teams that it becomes easier to predict how the rankings will respond to certain scenarios.

There's evidence of this in how consistent the roster of Bottom 25 teams is from week to week. Earlier this year, we'd see seven or eight teams dropping out of the Bottom 25 with new teams replacing them. That number has slow dwindled with each passing week. Last week, we had two new teams enter the Bottom 25. This week, there's only one.

Furthermore, the Bottom 10 is beginning to separate itself from the pack. Enough so that I know which teams still have a chance to win the 2017 Bottom 25 title and which ones do not. Right now, there are 11 teams with a chance to take the trophy home, and of those 11, I would say only nine have a good chance. You can find all nine of them in the Bottom 10. They're the teams with one win or fewer.

Before we get to the rankings, here's a reminder on how all this wonderful madness works. You can read the full explanation here.

  • My opinion plays no factor in the rankings, it's all a mathematical formula
  • There is true equality to start the season as math doesn't play favorites
  • Wins and losses mean more than anything
  • The formula is in no way predictive; it's a meritocracy
  • I won't share the formula

No longer ranked: Cincinnati (19)