Fantasy Football Week 15: Big questions centering around Spencer Ware, Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones

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What exactly happened in Week 15? Here's a short recap:

Derrick Henry put together one of the biggest performances by a running back in recent seasons, and Amari Cooper did the same at wide receiver; Aaron Jones didn't touch the ball until well into the second quarter; Josh Allen was one of just six players to rush for 100 yards, and he wasn't the most surprising player to hit that mark — that was Jordan Howard; Jamison Crowder was a top-10 WR with two catches — and Michael Thomas finished outside the top 20 with 11 catches.

And so on and so on and so on ... it was a Fantasy player's nightmare, especially coming when many leagues had playoffs beginning, and our Fantasy experts didn't like it much either. Let's pick up the pieces, and figure out what in the world we should expect from Week 15 with the help of Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard, and Heath Cummings.

1. We spent an awful lot of time focusing on Jaylen Samuels, Justin Jackson, and Jeff Wilson last week. Are you starting them again in week 15?

  • Jamey Eisenberg: Yes, as long as the guys they replaced are still out. Samuels was great as a PPR option and should be heavily involved in the passing game against the Patriots in Week 15 (Sunday, 4 p.m. ET, available on fuboTV). Jackson should get all the touches for the Chargers and has a solid matchup against the Chiefs Thursday night. And Wilson's best game was against Seattle in Week 13, which should make you encouraged about his outlook in the rematch. All three of these guys should be started this week.
  • Dave Richard: It all depends on if they are still starting. It's clear that Samuels and Wilson are atop their depth charts and Jackson would be if the Chargers don't have Melvin Gordon or Austin Ekeler. If they're starting, Fantasy owners will be starting htem too, though it's Wilson who I like the best of the three
  • Heath Cummings: Assuming James Conner, Gordon, Ekeler and Matt Breida are all out? Absolutely. Samuels had a good day in PPR and Wilson was solid in non-PPR. I expect both to be even better. Jackson could be the last man standing against one of the best matchups in Fantasy.

2. I have a comment and a question: Derrick Henry ... I mean ... what? Was that for real? 

  • Jamey: No. It was a tremendous surprise, obviously. But you should still feel good about starting him in Week 15 against the Giants. That's a bad run defense. And Henry should have the chance for 15-18 carries for about 75 yards and a touchdown. I like Henry as a top-20 running back in Week 15.
  • Dave: The only thing that wasn't real was the hype around the Jaguars defense. The Titans are sure to keep feeding Henry after last week's explosion, and they draw a great matchup against the Giants. The only question is whether or not Mike Vrabel's bunch is patient enough to stick with Henry in games where he gets bottled up early. 
  • Heath: Not quite for real, but I hope the Titans commit to him. He's not "safe" this week but I have him ranked as a low-end No. 2 for Week 15. We have a pretty clear picture of what the ceiling and floor are for Henry at this point. It is a pretty good matchup against the Giants.

3. Any concern about Aaron Jones' workload after the Packers' weird first-half usage last week?

  • Jamey: Not at all. Jones finished the game with a quality performance, and I expect the Packers to lean on him quite a bit this week. It's a tough matchup at Chicago, but Jones should be started with confidence as usual.
  • Dave: All's well that ends well, right? He finished with 17 carries (ties season high) and three catches. The concern is with Jones' matchup at Chicago and a terrific Bears run defense that just made Todd Gurley look like Jamaal Williams. You'll probably start him, but not with as much confidence as usual.
  • Heath: It's been two weeks in a row, but I really feel Jones is too talented to sit unless you have some of these backups being thrust into elite workloads.

4. Spencer Ware was unable to practice Monday or Tuesday ... are you ready to trust Damien Williams in the playoffs?

  • Jamey: I would use Williams if Ware is out, and I would like him better than guys like Gus Edwards in PPR, Adrian Peterson, Jordan Howard, Josh Adams and many more. He would be close to a top-20 running back if he starts in place of Ware.
  • Dave: I'm ready. Ready if I lost Kareem Hunt and was forced to juggle running backs into Week 15. Ready if I was late to the party on last week's waiver-wire guys. Ready if my non-PPR flex has played like he should be my ex. On the positive end, Williams would be the Chiefs' most versatile and experienced running back. And at this stage of the season I am always a little more optimistic than normal about a starting running back playing at home on a short week, particularly one like Williams who has a lot of tread left on the proverbial tire. 
  • Heath: It's the same answer as the first one. If Ware is out I'll roll Williams out without hesitation. He has 13 carries for 52 yards and six catches for 23 yards the past two weeks. I'd expect a floor close to 70 yards if Ware is out with an excellent chance of at least one touchdown.

5. Two road games, two massive disappointments for Drew Brees. Are you starting him in Week 15?

  • Jamey: I am starting Brees, but he's a low-end starter. I would start Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson ahead of him, but he's still a top-15 quarterback in Week 15. Remember, the Panthers are bad on defense, and Brees is due for a big game, even on the road.
  • Dave: Carolina's pass defense is pretty bad and their pass rush isn't anything great, so yeah I am fine with Brees for a third straight week on the road. 
  • Heath: Probably. If we have full clarification that Lamar Jackson is the starter, I would prefer him. I'd also rather start Mitchell Trubisky and Jared Goff. In fact there are 12 quarterbacks I have ranked above Brees this week, but Jackson is the only one who is widely available. 

6. If you are streaming quarterbacks, who is the go-to this week?

  • Jamey: Still Jackson as long as Joe Flacco stays on the bench. But I also like Josh Allen a lot. And don't be afraid of guys like Derek Carr and Nick Mullens, who are playing well of late and have great matchups in Week 15.
  • Dave: I'll grab Jackson first, but once it's clear Flacco will play then I'll run away from him faster than he runs away from defenders. Then I'll look for Allen or Mullens. No, I'm not kidding. 
  • Heath: Oops. I guess I just answered this. It's Jackson as long as John Harbaugh doesn't mess things up. Jackson has shown a reasonable floor with his rushing totals and I still don't believe we've seen his upside. Tampa Bay is a great opponent to show it against. He's my No. 6 quarterback.

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