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Guys, I'll be honest, there almost wasn't a newsletter today because I've done nothing over the past 12 hours except watch DK Metcalf chase down Budda Baker. I've watched that replay 700 times and counting since it happened. I actually had to pry myself away from the replay just so I could get this newsletter out. 

If you haven't seen the Metcalf play, you should definitely click here now to watch it, and you should do that before doing anything else today because you don't want to be the one person who hasn't seen that play. As I watch it again, I have to say, it kind of reminded me of the time that I chased down the ice cream man to buy a Choco Taco back in 1997. 

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Alright, let's get this thing off the ground and let's all agree to get through this rundown like we're DK Metcalf chasing down Budda Baker. 

1. Today's Show: Week 7 was absolutely bonkers


It's Monday, which can only mean one thing: I stayed up until 3 a.m. last night recording a podcast with Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson that touched on everything you need to know about Week 7. Normally, I'm only up until about 2 a.m., but since the Cardinals and Seahawks decided to go into overtime, I also went into overtime, because that's how things work around here. 

Our recap of Week 7 was jam-packed and that's because Sunday's action was absolutely bonkers: The Seahawks blew a double-digit lead, the Patriots looked worse than the Jets and they weren't even playing the Jets, the Panthers almost made a 65-yard field goal, Baker Mayfield looked competent and the Falcons found another improbable way to lose. Do Falcons fans even celebrate Halloween anymore or do they get all the horrors they need from watching their team?

Not only did we talk about all of this stuff and the rest of the games from Week 7, but we also talked about the Steelers being the last undefeated team and why Tom Brady is getting the last laugh on Bill Belichick. If you want to listen -- and you definitely should -- you can click here

2. Winners and losers of Week 7

One thing we do every Monday on the podcast is hand out our weekly winners and losers from Sunday's action. For our winners this week, Brinson and I decided to go with the two handsomest men in the NFL, and we didn't just pick them because they're handsome. Also, Ryan decided to compliment the Chargers front office, which I think makes him the first person ever to compliment the Chargers front office. 

  • For Wilson, his winner was the Chargers for being smart enough to draft Justin Herbert. When they made the pick back in April, there was a near universal belief that they had reached with the pick and taken Herbert too high, which has now been replaced by the universal belief that Herbert is a budding franchise quarterback. If crows go extinct over the next 48 hours, it's because every draft analyst in America will be eating crow this week for knocking Herbert before the draft. 
  • For Brinson, his winner was Jimmy Garoppolo. Not only did he lead the 49ers to a win, but he got to march into New England and blow out his old coach, Bill Belichick. You know sometimes how you get dumped and then end up with someone better? That definitely happened to Jimmy here. 
  • For me, my winner was Kliff Kingsbury and that's mostly for the fact that no one is going to remember that he tried to ice his own kicker in overtime on Sunday night. If the Cardinals had lost, Kingsbury would have had to deal with a lot of questions this week about the multiple bad decisions he made against the Seahawks, but the Cards didn't lose, so he looks like a genius. 

To check out who our losers were, be sure to click here and listen to the podcast. If you want to skip straight to us talking about our winners and losers, just head to the one hour and 34-minute mark in the episode.  

3. Monday preview: Prepping you for Bears-Rams


In what is easily the most surprising news of the year, the Bears will be going into tonight's game as the top team in the NFC. That being said, in this year of crazy, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Bears are the No. 1 seed in the NFC after nearly seven weeks (They currently have the tiebreaker over the Packers and Seahawks). 

If the Bears want to stay in that position heading into Week 8, they're going to have to beat the Rams in Los Angeles. To get you ready for tonight's game, my good buddy Jared Dubin put a preview together and I'm going to give you a preview of that preview.  

  • On the Bears' end, they've actually gotten worse on offense since Nick Foles became the starter, but no one in Chicago seems to care because the team is winning. With a bad offense, that means this game is going to boil down to whether or not their defense can slow down the Rams offense. Although the Bears have been good at stopping the run, they are vulnerable to play-action, as quarterbacks have a QB rating of 98.1 on throws after they fake a handoff. The problem for the Bears is that the Rams are good at that. 
  • As for L.A., if they're going to win, Jared Goff is going to need to get some serious protection from his offensive line. Goff hasn't been pressured much this year, which is why he's been so good, but he also hasn't gone up against a defense like the one Chicago has. Basically, Dubin thinks points are going to be at a premium on Monday and that the Rams are going to win a low-scoring game. 

Dubin's prediction: Rams 21-16 over Bears. 

To check out Dubin's full preview, be sure to click here

4. Week 7 injuries: Odell out for the year, Andy Dalton gets concussed

It took 25 years, but the Browns are finally good again, the only problem is that their fans can't even enjoy it because the team is dealing with a catastrophic injury to Odell Beckham. OBJ, who is currently second on the team in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, has been lost for the season after suffering a torn ACL in Cleveland's 37-34 win over the Bengals. The injury happened in the first quarter while Beckham was trying to make a tackle following a Baker Mayfield interception. It was one of the weirdest tackling attempts you'll ever see and you can check out the play by clicking here

Losing one of your top receivers is definitely a bad thing, but the upside for the Browns is that Mayfield seemed to adjust pretty well to not having OBJ on the field. During the time Odell was playing, Mayfield went 0-for-5 with an interception. After Beckham left the game, Mayfield went 22 of 23 for 297 yards and five touchdowns. He also completed a franchise-record 21 straight passes at one point. Feel free to interpret that information however you wish, but for me, it kind of feels like Mayfield stopped forcing the ball to Beckham and started to throwing to guys who were actually open. 

Due to the injury it almost guarantees that Beckham will be on the Browns' roster in 2021. Before the injury, Beckham had zero guaranteed dollars in his contract for next season, meaning the Browns could cut or trade him without any cap implications. However, he does have $12.97 million in injury guarantees, meaning that money is now guaranteed for 2021 and the Browns will have to pay him unless they can find a trading partner. 

As for Andy Dalton, he left Sunday's 25-3 loss with a concussion after taking a vicious hit from Washington's Jon Bostic (You can see the hit by clicking here). It's not clear yet if Dalton is going to be able to play in Week 8, which is a key week for the Cowboys, because first place in the NFC East will be on the line when they play the Eagles

With Dalton potentially out, our Jonathan Jones explains why the Cowboys should try to add Josh McCown. On the other hand, if the Cowboys want to go the trade route, our Cody Benjamin came up with three players they could target, including the recently benched Ryan Fitzpatrick. You can check out Benjamin's suggestions by clicking here

As for Bostic, although he got ejected for his hit on Dalton, he won't be facing a suspension. 

5. Week 7 grades: Patriots get an 'F'


Every week, I team up with six of my colleagues here at to hand out grades, and this week, two teams went home with an 'F.' To absolutely no one's surprise, one of those teams was the Cowboys. The one 'F' that was surprising though went to the Patriots. I never thought we'd be in a spot where we're giving an 'F' to a team coached by Bill Belichick, but here we are. 

The crazy thing is that if a lower grade existed, you could have probably made an argument that the Patriots deserved that after their 33-6 loss to San Francisco. Cam Newton, who threw three picks, played so badly that he got benched. The defense couldn't stop anyone and I'm not sure the 49ers even brought their punter on the trip to New England, because I don't really remember seeing him. 

On the other end of the grading scale, we have the Washington Football Team, who got an 'A' for their dominating 25-3 win over Dallas. Sure, they only beat the Cowboys, but you know what, Washington is only a half-game out of first place. The impressive thing about the win is that it appears Washington now has two bona fide offensive stars in Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson. You've probably already heard McLaurin's name because of his breakout season last year, but he's also having a solid 2020 and he added to that with seven catches for 90 yards an a TD. As for Gibson, he's Washington's secret weapon, because he can mask the team's bad QB play. Gibson ran the ball 20 times for 128 yards and a TD and was so good that Washington only had to throw the ball 25 times. 

Could Washington actually win the NFC East? We talked about that on the podcast, just in case you needed another reason to listen today. 

As for the other 22 grades we handed out on Sunday, you can check those out by clicking here

6. Week 8 early odds: Cowboys on verge of making ugly history 

In these politically divided times, it's hard to find something that everyone can agree on, but I think we can all agree on this: The Dallas Cowboys are horrible. And when I say "horrible," I'm talking Jets-level putridness. Actually, I can't even say that, because it's an insult to the Jets, who have actually covered the spread in a game this year. 

Through seven weeks, the the Jets are 1-6 against the spread (ATS) while the Cowboys are 0-7. To put that in perspective, let me just say this: It's almost impossible to be 0-7 ATS. The Cowboys have been so bad that they're now on the verge of making history, but the bad kind. 

Since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970, only two teams have started 0-8 ATS (1991 Bengals, 2003 Raiders). The Cowboys can match those two teams this week if they don't cover against the Eagles and they could potentially break the record in Week 9 against the Steelers. They're going to break the record, aren't they?

In other odds for Week 8, the Chiefs are favored by a 21 points, which is one of the biggest point spreads in NFL history. For more information on that and to check out the rest of the early odds for Week 8, make sure to click here

7. The Kicker!

I don't drink champagne too often, but I had an entire bottle ready to chug in celebration on Sunday after the Panthers sent out kicker Joey Slye to attempt a potentially NFL record-setting 65-YARD FIELD GOAL. I will celebrate anything special teams-related, especially a record-breaking kick.

With two minutes left in a game they were trailing 27-24 and with the Panthers facing a fourth-and-19, coach Matt Rhule sent Slye out to try the field and he somehow came heartbreakingly close to making the kick. He literally fell about six inches short of making the longest field goal the NFL has ever seen and you can see just how close he got by clicking here

The longest field goal in NFL history is 64 yards and teams rarely attempt anything longer than that, but Carolina tried it anyway in New Orleans, and for that, they should be commended. 

The downside of the miss is that I didn't get to drink my bottle of champagne, but don't worry, I'll pound that while I'm watching "Monday Night Football" because it's the only thing that's going to make Chicago's offense bearable to watch. See you guys Tuesday!