2019 NFL Draft order: A round-by-round look at all 254 picks in this year's draft

The NFL draft got off to a wild start on Thursday,and the trading picked up in full force on Friday. 

All the drama with the Cardinals finally came to an end when they selected Kyler Murray with the first overall pick instead of trading out of the top spot. Although the Cardinals didn't make a deal to start the draft, there was plenty of drama in the first round with a total of six teams deciding to move back by making a trade on Day 1.

If you haven't memorized where your favorite team will be picking in each round moving forward, you're in luck, because we have the full draft order below. Basically, you're going to want to bookmark this page so you can keep tabs on the full order, which could end up changing if there are any more trades between now and the end of the draft.

As for the actual draft, you can stream our live coverage right here on CBS Sports HQ (or download the CBS Sports app for free on any mobile or connected TV device) breaking down all the picks and everything you need to know during draft weekend. 

Before we get to the full order, let's cover some quick facts about this year's draft, starting with Arizona. Not only did the Cardinals have the first pick in the draft, but in a rarity, they also have the last pick, which means -- barring a trade -- they'll be selecting Mr. Irrelevant this year. 

The two teams with the most picks heading into the 2019 NFL Draft were the Giants (12) and Patriots (12), followed by the Bengals (11). The teams with the fewest picks this year were the Seahawks (5) and Bears (5). However, the Seahawks picked up four new picks thanks to two trades in the first round, which means they'll be making a total of nine picks if they don't make any more trades. 

Anyway, without further adieu, let's get to the full draft order. Remember, this is the draft order only, for a look at every pick that's been made so far, make sure to head over to our draft tracker by clicking here

Full draft order

(* = compensatory pick)

Round 1

1. Arizona Cardinals
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. New York Jets
4. Oakland Raiders
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6. New York Giants
7. Jacksonville Jaguars
8. Detroit Lions
9. Buffalo Bills
10. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Denver Broncos)
11. Cincinnati Bengals
12. Green Bay Packers
13. Miami Dolphins
14. Atlanta Falcons
15. Washington Redskins
16. Carolina Panthers
17. New York Giants (from Cleveland Browns)
18. Minnesota Vikings
19. Tennessee Titans
20. Denver Broncos (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
21. Green Bay Packers (from Seattle Seahawks)
22. Philadelphia Eagles (from Baltimore Ravens)
23. Houston Texans
24. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears)
25. Baltimore Ravens (from Philadelphia Eagles)
26. Washington Redskins (from Indianapolis Colts)
27. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys)
28. Los Angeles Chargers
29. Seattle Seahawks (from Kansas City Chiefs)
30. New York Giants (from Saints through Packers and Seahawks)
31. Atlanta Falcons (from Los Angeles Rams)
32. New England Patriots

Round 2 

33. Arizona
34. Indianapolis (from N.Y. Jets)
35. Jacksonville (from Oakland)
36. San Francisco
37. Carolina (from N.Y. Giants through Seattle)
38. Buffalo (from Jacksonville through Oakland)
39. Tampa Bay
40. Oakland (from Buffalo)
41. Denver
42. Denver (from Cincinnati)
43. Detroit
44. Green Bay
45. New England (from Atlanta through L.A. Rams)
46. Cleveland (from Washington through Indianapolis)
47. Seattle (from Carolina)
48. New Orleans (from Miami)
49. Indianapolis (from Cleveland)
50. Minnesota
51. Tennessee
52. Cincinnati (from Pittsburgh through Denver)
53. Philadelphia (from Baltimore)
54. Houston (from Seattle)
55. Houston
56. Kansas City (from Chicago through New England and L.A. Rams)
57. Philadelphia
58. Dallas
59. Indianapolis
60. L.A. Chargers
61. L.A. Rams (from Kansas City)
62. Arizona (from New Orleans through Miami)
63. Kansas City (from L.A. Rams)
64. Seattle (from New England)

Round 3 

65. Arizona
66. Pittsburgh (from Oakland)
67. San Francisco
68. N.Y. Jets
69. Jacksonville
70. L.A. Rams (from Tampa Bay)
71. Denver
72. Cincinnati
73. Chicago (from Detroit through New England)
74. Buffalo
75. Green Bay
76. Washington
77. New England (from Carolina through Seattle)
78. Miami
79. L.A. Rams (from Atlanta)
80. Cleveland
81. Detroit (from Minnesota)
82. Tennessee
83. Pittsburgh
84. Kansas City (from Seattle)
85. Baltimore
86. Houston
87. New England (from Chicago)
88. Seattle (from Philadelphia through Detroit and Minnesota)
89. Indianapolis
90. Dallas
91. L.A. Chargers
92. N.Y. Jets (from Kansas City through Seattle and Minnesota)
93. Baltimore (from New Orleans through N.Y. Jets and Minnesota)
94. Tampa Bay (from L.A. Rams)
95. N.Y. Giants (from New England through Cleveland)
96. Buffalo (from Washington*)
97. L.A. Rams (from New England*+
98. Jacksonville (from L.A. Rams)*
99. Tampa Bay (from L.A. Rams*)
100. Carolina*
101. New England (from New England* through L.A. Rams)
102. Minnesota (from Baltimore*)

Round 4

103. Arizona
104. San Francisco
105. N.Y. Jets
106. Oakland
107. Tampa Bay
108. N.Y. Giants
109. Oakland (from Jacksonville)
110. Cincinnati
111. Detroit
112. Washington (from Buffalo)
113. Baltimore (from Denver)
114. Seattle (from Green Bay)
115. Carolina
116. New Orleans (from Miami)
117. Atlanta
118. New England (from Washington through Green Bay and Seattle)
119. Cleveland
120. Minnesota
121. Tennessee
122. Pittsburgh
123. Baltimore
124. Seattle
125. Cincinnati (from Houston through Denver)
126. Chicago
127. Baltimore (from Philadelphia)
128. Dallas
129. Indianapolis
130. L.A. Chargers
131. Washington (from Kansas City through Buffalo)
132. Seattle (from New Orleans through N.Y. Giants)
133. New England (from L.A. Rams)
134. New England
135. Indianapolis*
136. Dallas*
137. Atlanta*
138. Philadelphia*

Round 5

139. Arizona
140. Jacksonville (from N.Y. Jets through Oakland)
141. Pittsburgh (from Oakland)
142. Seattle (from San Francisco through Detroit and N.Y. Giants)
143. N.Y. Giants
144. Indianapolis (from Jacksonville through Indianapolis)
145. Tampa Bay
146. Detroit
147. Buffalo
148. Denver
149. Cincinnati
150. Green Bay
151. Miami
152. Atlanta
153. Washington
154. Carolina
155. Cleveland
156. Denver (from Minnesota)
157. Tennessee
158. Oakland (from Pittsburgh through Oakland and Buffalo)
159. Minnesota (from Seattle)
160. Baltimore
161. Houston
162. L.A. Rams (from Chicago through New England)
163. Philadelphia
164. Indianapolis
165. Dallas
166. L.A. Chargers
167. L.A. Rams (from Kansas City)
168. New Orleans
169. L.A. Rams
170. Cleveland (from New England)
171. N.Y. Giants*
172. Atlanta*
173. Washington*

Round 6

174. Arizona
175. Pittsburgh (from Oakland)
176. San Francisco
177. New Orleans (from N.Y. Jets)
178. Jacksonville
179. Arizona (from Tampa Bay)
180. N.Y. Giants
181. Buffalo
182. Cincinnati (from Denver)
183. Cincinnati
184. Detroit
185. Green Bay
186. Atlanta
187. Carolina
188. Tennessee (from Miami)
189. Cleveland
190. Minnesota
191. Minnesota (from Tennessee through Baltimore)
192. Pittsburgh
193. Minnesota (from Baltimore)
194. Green Bay (from Seattle)
195. Houston
196. N.Y. Jets (from Chicago through Oakland)
197. Baltimore (from Philadelphia)
198. Cincinnati (from Dallas)
199. Indianapolis
200. L.A. Chargers
201. Kansas City
202. Miami (from New Orleans)
203. L.A. Rams
204. Minnesota (from New England through Detroit)
205. Chicago (from New England*)
206. Washington*
207. Pittsburgh (from Arizona)*
208. Tampa Bay (from Philadelphia)*
209. Seattle (from Minnesota*)
210. Cincinnati*
211. Cincinnati*
212. San Francisco*
213. Cincinnati*
214. Kansas City*

Round 7

215. Tampa Bay (from Arizona)
216. Kansas City (from San Francisco)
217. Minnesota (from N.Y. Jets)
218. Oakland
219. Pittsburgh (from Tampa Bay)
220. Houston (from N.Y. Giants through Denver)
221. Cleveland (from Jacksonville)
222. Chicago (from Denver through Philadelphia)
223. Cincinnati
224. Detroit
225. Buffalo
226. Green Bay
227. Washington
228. Buffalo (from Carolina)
229. Detroit (from Miami)
230. Atlanta
231. New Orleans (from Cleveland)
232. N.Y. Giants (from Minnesota)
233. Miami (from Tennessee)
234. Miami (from Pittsburgh through Cleveland)
235. Jacksonville (from Seattle through Oakland)
236. Jacksonville (from Baltimore)
237. Denver (from Houston)
238. Chicago
239. New England (from Philadelphia)
240. Indianapolis
241. Dallas
242. L.A. Chargers
243. New England (from Kansas City through San Francisco and Cleveland)
244. New Orleans
245. N.Y. Giants (from L.A. Rams)
246. New England
247. Minnesota*
248. Arizona*
249. Arizona*
250. Minnesota*
251. L.A. Rams*
252. New England*
253. Washington*
254. Arizona*

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