Paul Mammino

Fantasy Baseball: Closer trade candidates and their potential replacements

Trying to figure out who will emerge or remain as closers through trade season? Paul Mammino employs his ADRIEP model to help him find those answers.

Fantasy Baseball Bullpen Update: Matt Barnes looks legit, while Cubs look ugly

Who are the bullpen guys you can really believe in? Paul Mammino's stats-based model gives the answers.

Fantasy Baseball: The best and worst bullpens, and where you can speculate on saves

Which bullpens have been the best, and which might be ripe for a change? Paul Mammino digs into the numbers to give some speculative possibilities

Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: ADP review, best buys at closer

Trying to figure out which closers to draft? Paul Mammino looks for the best values based on draft cost

Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Five more closer battles to watch in Spring Training

Paul Mammino breaks down five more closer battles and gives his prediction for who you need to own.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Five picks to win closer battles in Spring Training

Figuring out who will run away with a closer's job before the manager announces his decision can give you a key edge in Fantasy. Here are five picks to start off the spring.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: A new way to find sleepers, busts at closer

How to calculate which relievers are more likely to deliver in Fantasy? Here's a new way.

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