The NCAA's initial NET Rankings of the 2019-2020 season have been released and I must start with my usual disclaimer. We are only about a quarter of the way through the season. These rankings, and any rankings, will have a lot of counterintuitive results. They should not be treated as definitive in any way.

Ohio State is the No. 1 team in the NET despite an 84-71 loss at Minnesota on Sunday evening. Kansas, the new No. 1 team in the AP Top 25 and Coaches Polls this week, is second in the NET. 

Here are a few takeaways from the debut of the NET rankings:

Big showing by the Big Ten: The folks in the Big Ten offices are probably pretty happy with what they see. Ten of the league's members are in the top 50 of the NET this morning, and Wisconsin just missed being part of that group. The Badgers are 51st.  Rutgers, which is coming off a big win over in-state rival Seton Hall, is also not far off at 61. Only Nebraska and Northwestern are farther back, with each outside the top 150.

NET Rank Team Record
1 Ohio State 9-1
11 Maryland 10-1
18 Penn State 9-2
21 Michigan 8-3
29 Michigan State 7-3
32 Illinois 8-3
33 Iowa 8-3
36 Indiana 10-1
44 Purdue 6-4
48 Minnesota 5-5
51 Wisconsin 5-5
61 Rutgers 8-3
153 Nebraska 5-6
174 Northwestern 5-4

Undefeateds, some mid-majors rank high: Only four teams remain undefeated in college basketball and all are in the top 20 of the NET, led by 10-0 San Diego State at No. 3. The Aztecs are 20th in the AP Top 25 poll.  Auburn is the only power conference school that is still unbleminshed, but the Tigers are not getting much attention from the voters yet either.  However, the NET has Auburn at No. 7. Liberty and Duquesne are also unbeaten and round out the top 20 at No. 19 and No. 20 respectively.

Some of the non-majors are benefitting from the NET as opposed to the RPI, but only one of those is high up in the NET rankings.  NET No. 6 Gonzaga would only be 58th so far in the RPI.

The team in this week's AP top ten that is furthest down in the NET rankings is Kentucky. The Wildcats are sixth in the AP poll, but are only 58th in the NET. Could be worse though. The RPI has UK at 112.

Secret formula still favors efficiency: Net Efficiency, the part of the NET formula that measures uncapped margin of victory, is still a pretty good predictor of the overall NET ranking. Only four teams are in the top 25 of the NET and not also in the top 25 of NET Efficiency. Michigan, Oregon, Penn State and Villanova are outside of the top 25 in Net Efficiency, but not too far. None are below 70th.

If you were wondering if head-to-head mattered in the new still-secret formula, look no further than No. 4 Butler, which lost at fifth-ranked Baylor on Tuesday night.  

There is still a long way to go and a lot will change. For example, as good as things are right now, I'll be shocked if the Big Ten has ten teams in the final top 50 of the NET rankings

With the NET rankings released, it's time to put together a projected bracket. Look for an updated Bracketology on Friday.

Check out the NET rankings for all 353 teams here