I can't believe everybody is so hyper-focused on all the changes in the top 25 polls when there are major shakeups in this week's Bottom 25. While the entire world was sitting there gasping at teams like Clemson and Washington losing, they were failing to notice we have a new No. 1 team in the Bottom 25.

That's right, Georgia Southern has been toppled.

Who has taken its spot? You'll find out soon enough, but first here's a quick reminder how the Bottom 25 works (full explanation here).

  1. My opinion plays no factor in the rankings
  2. There is true equality to start the season as math doesn't play favorites
  3. Wins and losses mean more than anything
  4. The formula is in no way predictive; it's a meritocracy
  5. I won't share the formula

No longer ranked: Hawaii (25), Air Force (24), Rutgers (21), Tulsa (20), South Alabama (19)