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USA Swimming gets it right with Phelps' DUI; other sports listening?

Finally, a national sports entity -- USA Swimming, of all entities -- gets it right with DUI and its athletes, suspending Michael Phelps for what could amount for the rest of his career.

Growing up in Mississippi, Ole Miss, MSU rise especially gratifying

What you likely know about Mississippi -- about and not about its college football -- is negative. That football's changing, and if you ever lived in Mississippi, it's even sweeter.

Belichick the coach can only blame himself as GM for Pats' decline

Bill Belichick is a Hall of Fame coach, but a humbling loss to the Chiefs proves his many recent misses as a GM have finally caught up to him and the Patriots.

Hoke is a joke, but nothing funny about Michigan playing with QB's life

Michigan apologizes for the handling of the Shane Morris concussion. And that's good. But the damage won't be known until much later.

Jeter lives above fray, not even 'National Enquirer' could touch him

Scandal usually finds famous folks. Not Derek Jeter. And as he retires, that might capture the most remarkable stat in his historic career.

Lane Kiffin, Bama genius? Saban ain't buying it, and neither am I

Looks like Alabama has opened things up on offense to the point Tide media is asking Nick Saban if new OC Lane Kiffin deserves the credit. Saban's answer, and the correct one: Not exactly.

Serious fan violence taking on life of its own; can it be stopped?

Last weekend featured several noteworthy violent outbreaks at NFL games, and that was just the fans, bringing patron violence to the fore. And the NFL is not alone.

Latest Jameis Winston chapter paints humiliating picture of Florida State

Jameis Winston and embarrassment for Florida State go hand in hand, but the school's refusal to control of the Heisman winner's bad behavior has reached a new low. Or has it?

NFL needed a decisive leader and Roger Goodell punts instead

Roger Goodell could have shown that the league has a clear path forward amid growing public resentment. Instead, the NFL commissioner looked helpless when confronted with tough questions.

Adrian Peterson starts national dialogue on discipline and child abuse

Adrian Peterson's story about spankings (child abuse?) hits a nerve. This is not just another NFL problem.

Playing appeasement game, NFL whiffs on addressing violent players

NFL failures on the Rice and Peterson abuse cases are outdone by the league attempts at appeasement, which draw attention away from the real issue -- failure to deal with violent players.

Fainting goat makes Arkansas State player an internet sensation

Arkansas State's fake punt against Miami was a fainting goat of a disaster, but the fainting goat in question -- former walk-on Booker T. Mays -- can laugh about his role as the play's punch line.

Sherman's post-loss antics lend new meaning to 'shutdown corner'

When Richard Sherman is winning and shutting off half the field, he's the toast of the town. Just ask him. However, when his Seahawks lose and he's less-than-dominant, the CB goes silent until the Chargers prompt a reply via Twitter.

Concussions, domestic violence, child abuse ... how much can NFL take?

Baseball damaged itself with a season-ending strike and a steroid scandal. Will the NFL reach a tipping point as its scandals pile up?

Adderall the new drug of choice for many major-leaguers

Adderall is legal and easily obtainable, but also dangerous if abused. Use in the major leagues has reached an absurd level.

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