2013 Super Bowl Odds, Week 14: Wild-card teams emerge

So the playoffs are kind of boring this year, huh? Well, the playoffs themselves will be awesome -- the race for the playoffs is a little less exciting. Thankfully, a few teams decided to spice things up.

Namely, the Redskins, who are now 17-4 to win the NFC East and might just be the favorites if they beat the Ravens in Week 14. They also saw a huge surge in their Super Bowl odds this week, jumping all the way from 90-1 to 40-1. That's what happens when the possibility of hosting a first-round playoff game suddenly emerges out of nowhere.

Even if the 'Skins don't win the NFC East, they could still end up with a pretty good shot at a wild-card game, depending on what the Bears (down from 18-1 to 12-1) do down the stretch.

The Seahawks are making a push as well, moving from 50-1 to 33-1, despite the fact that they've got to deal with the regular-season suspension of Brandon Browner and possibly the postseason suspension of Richard Sherman.

The Cowboys (50-1) made a little jump after manhandling the Eagles and the Colts (50-1) and Bengals (50-1) each solidified their candidacy as wild-card options in the AFC.

After that, things really fall off a cliff. But the teams engaged in the wild-card race should at least make things exciting the rest of the way.

Team Week 13  Odds
Week 14  Odds
Team Week 13  Odds
Week 14 Odds
  Houston Texans 9-2 9-2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
90-1 150-1
  New England Patriots 9-2 9-2 Minnesota Vikings
 150-1 300-1
San Francisco 49ers
 5-1  11-2 Los Angeles Chargers
150-1  500-1
Denver Broncos
11-2 11-2 Miami Dolphins
200-1 500-1
Atlanta Falcons
17-2 15-2 Los Angeles Rams
400-1 500-1
Green Bay Packers
 10-1  9-1 Buffalo Bills
500/1  500-1
New York Giants
12-1  9-1 New York Jets
500-1 500-1
Baltimore Ravens
 12-1  18-1 Detroit Lions
400-1 750-1
Chicago Bears
12-1  18-1 Cleveland Browns
 750-1 750-1
Pittsburgh Steelers
 33-1 18-1 Philadelphia Eagles
 500-1 750-1
Seattle Seahawks
 50-1 33-1 Tennessee Titans
750-1 1000-1
Washington Redskins
90-1 40-1 Arizona Cardinals
 1000-1 1000-1
Dallas Cowboys
 66-1 50-1 Oakland Raiders
1000-1 1000-1
Cincinnati Bengals
 60-1 50-1 Carolina Panthers
1000-1 1000-1
Indianapolis Colts
66-1  50-1 Kansas City Chiefs
New Orleans Saints
 50-1 90-1 Jacksonville Jaguars

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