The Browns are close to securing the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and they get Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears in Week 16. For Cleveland's players, this is your shot to avoid infamy. While Chicago has played better as Trubisky has learned the ropes in his rookie season, the Bears are 4-10 mainly due to a shoddy offensive line, a lack of skill-position players, and spirited yet inconsistent defensive play. 

This week marked another instance of head coach Hue Jackson throwing DeShone Kizer under the bus -- which has become a troubling trend -- and who knows what impact that has on the rookie quarterback. Increased self-doubt? Motivation? I don't know. Either way, it's a strange way to go about developing your 21-year-old signal-caller, but that's the path Hue's chosen. 

Even if the Browns win this game in Chicago, there's still a pretty darn good chance they'll ultimately earn the No. 1 overall pick anyway. And 1-15 has a much better ring to it than 0-16, right? Yeah.

Cleveland will have its hands full with Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen. On the defensive side, Pernell McPhee just went on IR for the Bears, eliminating Chicago's most versatile front seven player. This should be an entertaining game, despite a combined record of 4-24. 

Let's look at the current 2018 NFL Draft order. I'm now using the official draft order heading into Week 16.

Draft order

  1. Cleveland Browns (0-14)
  2. New York Giants (2-12)
  3. Indianapolis Colts (3-11)
  4. Cleveland Browns from Texans (4-10)
  5. San Francisco 49ers (4-10)
  6. Chicago Bears (4-10)
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-10)
  8. Cincinnati Bengals (5-9)
  9. Denver Broncos (5-9)
  10. New York Jets (5-9)
  11. Arizona Cardinals (6-8)
  12. Oakland Raiders (6-8)
  13. Washington Redskins (6-8)
  14. Miami Dolphins (6-8)
  15. Los Angeles Chargers (7-7)
  16. Green Bay Packers (7-7)
  17. Baltimore Ravens (8-6)
  18. Detroit Lions (8-6)
  19. Seattle Seahawks (8-6)
  20. Dallas Cowboys (8-6)
  21. Tennessee Titans (8-6)
  22. Buffalo Bills (8-6)
  23. Atlanta Falcons (9-5)
  24. New Orleans Saints (10-4)
  25. Buffalo Bills from Chiefs (8-6)
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-4)
  27. Los Angeles Rams (10-4)
  28. Carolina Panthers (10-4)
  29. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3)
  30. Minnesota Vikings (11-3)
  31. New England Patriots (11-3)
  32. Philadelphia Eagles (12-2)

Other games that could affect No. 1 pick

Giants at Cardinals

After a report circulated about the Cardinals reaching out to Gabbert in hopes of coming to an agreement on an extension -- don't worry, it probably wasn't a sizable one -- Bruce Arians decided to bench the former first-round selection for Drew Stanton. The difference between Stanton and Gabbert is negligible anyway. The Cardinals seem to play with a little more fire at home, yet the Giants are coming off an impressive performance -- albet in a loss -- against the Eagles a week ago.