For 28 of the NFL's 32 teams, the offseason has begun, so they're already focusing on free agency.

When teams are putting together a plan for free agency, they have several things to consider, like what their positional needs are and, more importantly, how much money they'll have to spend on unsigned players.

Although every team has to stay under the salary cap, not everyone will be on the same spending playing field when free agency kicks off March 9. Thanks to "carryover" space from 2016, some teams will have a lot more money to spend during free agency.

The NFLPA released the official carryover numbers on Wednesday, which will give you a good idea of your team's financial situation as it heads into free agency (and also to re-sign its own players).

As the NFLPA notes, you should look at those numbers like rollover minutes on a cellphone plan.

With the salary cap expected to be between $163 million and $165 million, the above chart means that the Raiders will have between $171 million and $173 million in cap space thanks to their $8 million in carryover money.

Although that sounds like a lot, that's nowhere near that $50.1 million that the Browns will be rolling over into 2017. If the front office can't turn things around with that kind of cash flow, Jimmy Haslam should probably just fire everyone and start over.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Rams and Chargers carryover money combined wouldn't even be enough to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. At $304,000 and $113,000, those two teams rank 31st and 32nd in carryover money.

As for the four teams that are still playing, the Packers have the most carryover money with $8 million.

Once the 2017 salary cap is officially set, the carryover amount will be combined with a few other small adjustments from the 2016 season, and that will give us each team's official salary cap position.

Here's a look at the carryover room for each team.

Team: Carryover space

1. Browns: $50.1 million

2. Jaguars: $39.3 million

3. 49ers: $38.7 million

4. Titans: $24.0 million

5. Redskins: $15.1 million

6. Panthers: $13.2 million

7. Dolphins: $8.4 million

8. Bears: $8.1 million

9. Raiders: $8 million

10. Packers: $8 million

11. Eagles: $7.9 million

12. Broncos: $7.2 million

13. Colts: $6.7 million

14. Bengals $6.6 million

15. Saints: $5.8 million

16. Buccaneers: $5.3 million

17. Patriots: $5.3 million

18. Chiefs: $5.0 million

19. Texans: $5.0 million

20. Lions: $4.7 million

21. Cardinals: $4.4 million

22. Steelers: $3.3 million

23. Bills: $2.8 million

24. Ravens: $2.6 million

25. Cowboys: $2.4 million

26. Seahawks: $2.1 million

27. Giants: $1.8 million

28. Falcons: $926,541

29. Vikings: $400,184

30. Jets: $371,487

31. Rams: $304,311

32. Chargers: $113,693