We are heading to November, a time when things should clear up in the NFL, but the first seven weeks have begged for this question:

Is anybody any good?

The play has been shoddy through the first two months, and we have no idea if any team is capable of being a power team. The New England Patriots are in the No. 1 spot of the Power Rankings this week, so they are the likely choice to be the power team with Tom Brady back, but they are not without flaws.

After that, who knows?

The Dallas Cowboys have the best offensive line, but is the defense good enough?

The Minnesota Vikings have the dominant defense and a bad offensive line. The same goes for the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers have had scoring issues. On and on it goes.

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Up and down the rankings, and even in the top 10, teams have their fair share of problems that show up on a weekly basis. That's why it's so hard to determine if any team is any good.

We know there are a lot of bad teams, led by the Cleveland Browns at the bottom of the rankings, but figuring out who is good is the tough part.

For now, it's the Patriots at the top -- and I would expect they might stay there for a long time.

Biggest Movers
8 Dolphins
9 Bills
1 Patriots They are back at the top, and there's no reason to think they won't stay there. Tom Brady has been lighting it up since he's been back. 1
2 Cowboys They come off their bye with a big division game against the Eagles. It gives Dak Prescott another proving game with Tony Romo still out. 2
3 Vikings They lost for the first time at Philly, and that offensive line was awful. That has to be better or the defense could go to waste. 2
4 Packers For a week at least the Aaron Rodgers critics will shut their mouths. This team is still a good, quality football team. 1
5 Seahawks The offensive line is struggling, which is why they are having issues on that side of the ball. The defense keeps them in games. 2
6 Broncos That defense was outstanding against the Texans. Now comes a tough test with Philip Rivers and the Chargers. 1
7 Chiefs The Chiefs have won consecutive games after the bye and seem to be getting it rolling as they go to Indy to play the Colts this week. 2
8 Falcons They've lost two straight games -- both tough ones -- to fall to 4-3. That was a stinging loss to the Chargers. 2
9 Raiders The Raiders are 4-0 on the road. That's impressive for a young team. 4
10 Eagles The defense bounced back from two poor games to play really well against the Vikings. Now here come the Cowboys. 2
11 Chargers This is a team that seems to be growing up. Now they face a stiff road test at Denver after impressive victories the past couple of weeks. 6
12 Cardinals That tie against Seattle had to feel like a loss. Now they face a long trip to Carolina, where they were awful in the NFC Championship Game last January. 4
13 Lions Matthew Stafford has led this team to a 4-3 record. The talk of Jim Caldwell being on the hot seat has subsided. 6
14 Steelers Without Ben Roethlisberger, they have big problems. The defense needs to get some pressure or they'll be in trouble even when he comes back. 6
15 Giants At 4-3, they're in the thick of the division race. It wasn't pretty in London, but they'll take it. --
16 Colts All those critics of Andrew Luck need to be quiet. He carried that team to victory at Tennessee. 5
17 Commanders They should be 5-2, but that late-game drive at Detroit was a bad look. The defense can't let that happen. 7
18 Bengals They had to get that game against the Browns, and now they could get on a little roll. The division is wide open. 6
19 Dolphins Jay Ajayi has really led this team the past two weeks. They have a bye, but then the schedule gets soft. They can make a playoff push. 8
20 Bills That loss at Miami hurts even more when you see the next three games. It starts with a tough one against the Patriots. This time it's with Tom Brady. 9
21 Buccaneers Two consecutive road games have them at .500. The offense looked good at San Francisco. 4
22 Texans They are not getting good enough play from Brock Osweiler. The road hasn't been kind to the Texans. 8
23 Saints They just aren't good enough on defense. Even when Drew Brees rolls up big numbers, it's not good enough. 5
24 Titans They can run the football, but is that good enough? At 3-4, they are still in the race with a Thursday game with Jacksonville coming up. 4
25 Rams They have to go to Jared Goff. What's the point of playing Case Keenum? 3
26 Jets Ryan Fitzpatrick came back in and got them a victory. But they still aren't very good. 2
27 Ravens That 3-0 start seems way in the past. They've lost four straight and this season is going bad quickly. 4
28 Jaguars This is getting really ugly for a team that had high expectations. Blake Bortles isn't very good right now. 2
29 Panthers They come off their bye with the season getting away from them. Can they turn it around? --
30 Bears Now they are down to Matt Barkley at quarterback. This is not a good team right now, and begs this question: Will John Fox be in trouble? --
31 49ers The move to Colin Kaepernick hasn't changed much. They still aren't a good team. --
32 Browns Will they win a game this season? It sure doesn't look like it. --