Those attending the 2019 Preakness Stakes will likely avoid the wet conditions of this year's Kentucky Derby, but that's if they stay clear of the bathrooms at Pimlico Race Course.

According to The Baltimore Sun, less than five hours after gates opened for the second leg of the American Triple Crown on Saturday, nearly all women's restrooms at the grandstand were closed because of plumbing issues, while some men's bathrooms were described by visitors as equally unpleasant due to everything from non-flushing to overflowing toilets.

The first major sign of trouble came on Tuesday, The Sun reported, when "a water main broke outside the race course entrance." The malfunction was not unsurprising to guests, per the report, since Pimlico Race Course has long needed upwards of $300 million in renovations -- and just this year had its 6,670 grandstand seats deemed "no longer suitable" by engineering inspectors. But water problems reemerged Saturday, with Pimlico workers allegedly encouraging women to use men's rooms and closing off entire floors of bathrooms.

Dawn Siecker, a 10-year attendee of the Preakness Stakes, told The Sun that the day before the Stakes toilets were "spewing water everywhere, all at the same time."

The Stronach Group, which owns and operates Pimlico Race Course, has reportedly eyed a move to its Laurel Park track, located about 29 miles south of the current Preakness site, in favor of renovating Pimlico, even as longtime Preakness fans have campaigned for the race to remain in Baltimore. As The Sun noted, "substantial renovations" at Pimlico could also not be undertaken "without triggering the need to bring the entire building up to city codes" -- hough "outdated electrical, plumbing and other infrastructure" seem to be haunting guests at the 2019 Preakness Stakes.

Pimlico Race Course is also dealing with other drama, stemming from the death of a 3-year-old filly horse on Friday. The animal collapsed under 83-degree heat during the Miss Preakness Stakes.

Updated odds

Improbable 3-1
Bourbon War 9-2
Alwaysmining 6-1
War of Will 6-1
Owendale 8-1
Win Win Win 11-1
Anothertwistafate 14-1
Warrior's Charge 15-1
Laughing Fox 16-1
Bodexpress 16-1
Signalman 20-1
Everfast 22-1
Market King 25-1