This T-Rex had the crowd going wild. Screen Shot/ANWNation

American Ninja Warrior has become one of the most entertaining shows on television.

In addition to incredibly conditioned physical specimens dressed like Wonder Woman, the producers of the show also allow costumed characters to occasionally run the course just for fun.

This has to be the best one yet.

An actual Tyrannosaurus Rex ran the course. OK, maybe it wasn't an actual T-Rex. Maybe it was just a guy in a T-Rex costume. But if you watch the run thinking that this is a dinosaur, not a human, it makes things a lot more exciting.

The crowd knew the T-Rex was more than just a novelty when it cleared the first two obstacles with ease. Once it pulled off this maneuver, however, people started believing the dinosaur could actually complete the whole course.


Alas, the T-Rex finally met its match at the "spin cycle." Its lack of reach (its arms are less than a tenth smaller than its body) proved costly, as it failed to make it to the third wheel and plummeted to the water.

Despite the fall, T-Rex was determined to take its shot at the final obstacle, the warped wall -- after all, who was going to stop him?

Much to the delight of the crowd, T-Rex ran up the wall in one attempt, making it to the top and celebrating the way only the king of the dinosaurs can.


Watch the full run below whenever you need a pick-me-up during the day. With athleticism like this, it's hard to believe the species went extinct.

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