These are my last Power Rankings for 2019. As I always do with the last batch, I look back at my Week 1 Power Rankings to see just how I did.

Usually, it's laughable. 

This year is no different.

Consider this: Of the top 10 teams from my Week 1 Rankings, five failed to make the playoffs. They were the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

That's bad. 

Here's something even worse: I had the San Francisco 49ers at No. 23 in the first rankings. The Baltimore Ravens were 16th. That means the league's two No 1 seeds were a combined 39 in my first rankings.


That's what makes this league so fun to cover and watch. The unpredictability is what make it so fun, but so tough to gauge.

The coaching carousel is in full swing, and host Will Brinson is joined by the Pick Six Podcast Superfriends to break it all down. Listen below and be sure to subscribe here for daily NFL goodness.

Like our season predictions and picks each week, the uncertainty can be both maddening and enjoyable.

Now let's bring on the playoffs to make us – OK, me – look even worse.

Biggest Movers
9 Broncos
5 Jaguars
1 Ravens They showed they could win even without Lamar Jackson. That tells you about their talent heading into the playoffs. -- 2-1-0
2 Packers They didn't play well in Detroit, but they found a way. Now they have a bye, which will be important to this team. -- 2-2-0
3 Chiefs The defense has made big-time strides in the past month. Now they have the second seed, which will make them a real Super Bowl threat. -- 2-1-0
4 49ers They held on for dear life in Seattle to win the division. But if the offense plays like it did in that game, they can easily win it all. 2 3-0-0
5 Saints They have the offense to beat anybody. The big question will be the defense in the playoffs. 2 2-1-0
6 Patriots Losing to the Dolphins has them playing this week. That's not the norm, and one has to wonder if they can play through it. 1 1-2-0
7 Seahawks They have a ton of injuries, and the loss to the 49ers means a banged-up team must go out on the road to play the Eagles. That won't be easy. 3 2-1-0
8 Vikings It's all about Kirk Cousins in the playoffs. Can he win a big game? It won't be easy at New Orleans. -- 0-3-0
9 Bills Resting players was the right thing to do this past week Now they have to make it pay off on the road against the Texans. -- 2-1-0
10 Texans They rested guys in a meaningless game against the Titans, but it was the right decision. Now they have to make it pay off. -- 1-2-0
11 Titans They can run the ball as well as anybody in the league with Derrick Henry, which will be a big plus come playoff time. 1 1-2-0
12 Eagles Getting to the playoffs with this team is a nice accomplishment for Doug Pederson. Carson Wentz and that pass rush will be a tough out. 2 3-0-0
13 Cowboys The countdown is on. Without a playoff appearance, when does Jason Garrett go? -- 2-1-0
14 Steelers They just had way too many injuries to overcome this season. But Mike Tomlin did a heck of a coaching job. 3 2-1-0
15 Rams They have a lot of tough decisions in the offseason. It won't help they don't have premium draft picks to help fix the issues. -- 1-2-0
16 Broncos This is team that made big strides down the stretch. They have their quarterback in Drew Lock. 9 0-3-0
17 Bears This offseason will be about the quarterback position. Is Mitch Trubisky the long-term answer? 1 0-3-0
18 Falcons They are keeping Dan Quinn, which looks like the right decision. The team really responded in the second half of the season. 3 2-1-0
19 Buccaneers They made strides in Bruce Arians' first season. Now they have to decide what to do with Jameis Winston. 2 2-1-0
20 Colts The mid-season optimism faded in a big way down the stretch. They have to decide if Jacoby Brissett is the long-term answer. 2 2-1-0
21 Raiders It's on to Vegas for the Raiders. Is Derek Carr the quarterback once they start playing there? 2 1-2-0
22 Cardinals They did some really good things in Kliff Kingsbury's first season. They have a future star in Kyler Murray. 2 1-2-0
23 Panthers This thing turned ugly in a big way down the stretch. They need to hire a bright offensive mind to turn things around. 4 0-3-0
24 Chargers The big issue of the offseason is what to do with Philip Rivers if he's playing next season. Do they bring him back? 2 1-2-0
25 Jets They won some games down the stretch, but they have a lot of work to do to be a playoff contender. The offensive line needs fixing and they need pass rushers. 2 1-2-0
26 Dolphins They won five games down the stretch, yet they are picking in the top five. That's a good season in a lot of ways. 4 3-0-0
27 Jaguars Does Doug Marrone come back? Should he? And who plays quarterback next season? 5 1-2-0
28 Browns With Freddie Kitchens already fired the search is on for his replacement. Could it be Mike McCarthy or another offensive-minded coach? 4 2-1-0
29 Commanders Who will be the coach? Whoever it is will have a lot of work to do. 1 2-1-0
30 Giants Pat Shurmur is out. Is Baylor's Matt Rhule the next coach? Whoever takes over will be getting a nice, young nucleus. 1 1-2-0
31 Lions Why is Matt Patricia coming back? This team has regressed and they fired Jim Caldwell who fared much better. -- 3-1-0
32 Bengals They've showed well down the stretch on offense. That's a good sign for Joe Burrow when he gets there. -- 1-2-0