Is it really as simple as this: Play great offense and you will be a deep playoff team?

Have the NFL rules changes made it so? The top four scoring offenses in the league in order are the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots.

They are also the four best teams in the league right now, even if that's not the order. The days of playing great defense and running the ball to control the clock to win games is a thing of the past. That's your dad's football.

The way to win now is to throw to score, run to win. Each of the four top teams have quarterbacks who are off to fast starts, two young ones in Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes and two future Hall of Fame players in Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

That's why the Rams stay No. 1 in my Power Rankings this week, followed by the Saints, Patriots and Chiefs.

They are four teams that all can score, which makes looking ahead to possibly seeing all four in the Championship Games a potential treat.

First one to 45 in each game wins.

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Biggest Movers
8 Broncos
6 Jaguars
1 Rams How long will they go without losing a game? The way they are playing, it's going to be a long time. -- 5-6-0
2 Saints That was an impressive road victory against the Ravens. They are clearly the second-best team in the NFC, but face a tough road game at Minnesota this week. -- 5-6-0
3 Patriots They needed two special-teams touchdowns to beat the Bears, but that's what they do. Here come the Patriots. -- 2-9-0
4 Chiefs Can they be stopped on offense? It sure doesn't look like it. That offense is unreal. -- 8-3-0
5 Chargers They've won four straight games to put that 1-2 start a long way in the rearview mirror. Philip Rivers has been outstanding. 1 4-7-0
6 Ravens That was a tough way to lose a game against the Ravens with Justin Tucker missing his first extra point. Now they have a tough turnaround at Carolina. 1 9-3-0
7 Steelers They come off their bye in first place in the division. That's stunning after the way they started the season. -- 7-4-0
8 Vikings Three straight victories has this team rolling. The defense is getting back to being what we expected to see. -- 6-6-0
9 Commanders They are the leaders in the NFC East and that defense is suffocating at times. The offense does need to pick it up a bit. -- 4-8-0
10 Panthers That was an impressive comeback against the Eagles. It might be the game that gets them back looking like a real contender. 5 1-10-0
11 Packers Their bye came at a good time last week with so many players hurting. The week had to do Aaron Rodgers some good with his knee injury, but they come back to play the Rams. 3 5-6-0
12 Bengals That was not a good showing at Kansas City on either side of the ball. The good news is this week's game isn't at nighttime and Tampa Bay has defensive issues. 2 5-6-0
13 Texans They've won four straight games to take over first place in the division. The defense is improving by the week. 7 6-5-0
14 Lions They ran the ball right through Miami, but now they need to keep doing it. Kerryon Johnson is for real. 7 8-3-0
15 Dolphins They have a ton of injuries on offense that are impacting the production. Now they head to Houston to play on a short week. Good luck with that. 4 8-3-0
16 Bears Two consecutive losses to AFC East teams has the Bears needing a turnaround. They do have a winnable game at home against another AFC East team, the Jets. 4 4-8-0
17 Eagles They seemed to be back to playing at a high level, but blew a 17-point fourth-quarter lead against the Panthers. Now they head to London to play the Jaguars. 4 10-1-0
18 Cowboys The offense is way too limited right now. That shows up on a weekly basis, save for the Jaguars game. 2 9-3-0
19 Seahawks They come off their bye with a challenging road game against the Lions. At 3-3, they are in the Wild-Card chase. -- 6-6-0
20 Broncos The defense came alive against the Cardinals. But now comes a real challenge: The Chiefs at Arrowhead. That will be a major challenge for the defense. 8 6-5-0
21 Falcons At 3-4, they are still alive after beating the Giants Monday night. That offense will keep them in a lot of games. 2 5-6-0
22 Buccaneers The defense seemed improved last week with the change at coordinator. The offense continues to put up big numbers. 3 4-7-0
23 Jaguars They are a mess right now. Can they turn it around? It won't be easy against the Eagles in London as Blake Bortles stays on as the quarterback. 6 8-3-0
24 Titans They've lost two straight games to fall to 3-4 and one game out of first place. They need to regroup on the bye. 6 4-7-0
25 Jets They will have offensive struggles like they did against the Vikings with a rookie quarterback. Now they have a tough road test at the Bears. 3 4-7-0
26 Colts Andrew Luck is having an impressive season and carrying this team. Next year they will be a potential playoff team. -- 6-5-0
27 Browns They've lost a lot of close games, losing another to Tampa Bay in overtime last week. The defense had issues against the Bucs. 3 7-4-0
28 Bills Nathan Peterman, Josh Allen or Derek Anderson. Does it really matter who plays quarterback as bad as this team is right now? 1 6-6-0
29 49ers This team will have a lot of games like it had last week against the Rams. They just aren't good enough right now. -- 8-3-0
30 Raiders They come off their bye in bad need of a victory. The thing has come apart early for Jon Gruden as he traded away another starter in Amari Cooper this week. -- 5-7-0
31 Giants This season is over. They played better at Atlanta, but that offensive line is too much to overcome. -- 4-8-0
32 Cardinals The move to make Byron Leftwich the offensive coordinator is a smart one. He will make Josh Rosen a lot better. -- 2-10-0