The New York Giants became the focus of the offseason when they decided to trade Odell Beckham to the Cleveland Browns. It was a league-shifting blockbuster deal that vaulted the Browns into the top tier of teams as far as Super Bowl odds go, and giving everyone a very questionable opinion of New York's season.

That opinion probably won't change out of the 2019 NFL Draft, which saw us find a conclusion to the question "what did the Giants get for Odell?" 

The draft also saw us wrap up various other trades that had gone down over the last season plus, including the Steelers swap of Antonio Brown to the Raiders and much more. Some of these deal are still TBD with future picks up in the air (Khalil Mack's swap, for instance, still has an outstanding future first-round pick, while Frank Clark's swap still has a 2020 second-round pick), but there are enough trades that were wrapped up that it's worth diving in and seeing how we grade the haul knowing what players were acquired. 

Final results are, almost perpetually, pending. We need to see how the young players acquired in the draft pan out. But we can still get a pretty good idea of who won and lost these deals based on the value available to them. 

We're going to skip past anything that involves just a player for a late-round pick (Robert Quinn to the Cowboys for a sixth-round selection, for instance) as those are essentially trades that just superseded a player being released. Let's make the arbitrary cutoff any swap involving a fourth-round pick just to wipe out any truly late-round swaps. 

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Giants trade Odell Beckham to Browns

Giants get: Dexter Lawrence (2019 first-round pick, No. 17 overall), Oshane Ximines (2019 third-round pick, No. 95), Jabrill Peppers, Kevin Zeitler

Browns get: Odell Beckham, Olivier Vernon

Everyone was shocked when the Giants dealt OBJ to the Browns, and the end results are even more shocking when you compare the players the two teams got. You could scratch Vernon and Zeitler off this list if you truly want to make it about OBJ. I think a flip of those two players is fairly even in terms of production, value and contract situations. I'm not so sure the swap for Beckham is an even one on paper, though. There's very little chance the Giants could call the Browns and offer to flip Peppers, Lawrence and Ximines straight up for Beckham in a reverse deal. That being said, if Dave Gettleman correctly identifies star talent in the draft and makes his defense substantially better, it's not hard to imagine him justifying this trade down the road. The guys involved know the score too. 

"I don't feel pressure," Lawrence said when asked about being a part of the OBJ compensation package. "When they called my name [on draft night], that wasn't on my mind. I'm a defensive tackle. He's a receiver."

New York clearly doesn't care for OBJ and wants to put the focus on Saquon Barkley. If the Giants are decent this year -- opinions are very mixed on whether that's possible -- and Peppers/Lawrence/Ximines help fuel an average or better defense, Gettleman might be able to throw this in everyone's face. If the Giants stink and the Browns are as good as people believe, this is going to look like a disaster.

Steelers trade Antonio Brown to Raiders

Steelers get: Diontae Johnson (2019 third-round pick, No. 66 overall), Zach Gentry (2019 fifth-round pick, No. 141) 

Raiders get: Antonio Brown

The Steelers made a big first-round trade up to get Devin Bush, but they stood pat with their picks from Oakland and the guys they got are very interesting. Both are weapons in the passing game and the guy taken with the top pick, Johnson, is a mid-round MAC receiver. Just like ... Antonio Brown. Who knows if that was on purpose, but it feels like a spite-filled "watch me replace you pick" from Kevin Colbert, easily the most successful GM at selecting mid-round receivers over the last decade. Brown is a HOF guy, but he's also just another name in a long line of dudes plucked out of nowhere by Pittsburgh who blossomed into Pro Bowl receivers. If Johnson is the next one it'll make this return a lot more interesting than it looked. The Raiders have to feel pleased about how this played out though -- they landed one of the best receivers in football and gave up minimal draft picks. 

Raiders trade Amari Cooper to Cowboys

Raiders get: Jonathan Abram (2019 first-round pick, No. 27 overall)

Cowboys get: Amari Cooper

Cooper was the second big-name player shipped out of Oakland last year. The Raiders ended up sticking with all three original draft picks in Mike Mayock's first run as GM and apparently got the top three players the Raiders front office wanted. (Everyone says that, but it really did feel like this worked out well for Oakland based on their board.) Abram is a heat-seeking missile who can help address the Raiders defensive woes, a guy who huddled up with Jon Gruden and his coaching staff during the Senior Bowl despite being on the opposite roster. The Cowboys bragged all offseason about watching Cooper highlights instead of tape on first-round picks; if their offense is as productive as it was after integrating Cooper down the stretch, this will look like a win for them in a big way, as long as they don't have to make Cooper the highest-paid receiver in the NFL or anything. I'm fine calling it a win both ways given where these teams stood/stand/will be standing next year. 

Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

Ravens get: Justice Hill (2019 fourth-round pick, No. 113 overall)

Broncos get: Joe Flacco

Wow. Hill is a pretty talented running back and the Ravens picked him up by shipping Flacco out, when most people thought that the quarterback would be released. This isn't highway robbery or anything and Hill isn't topping the depth chart, but that's pretty good value for Flacco. If Flacco plays 16 games the Broncos won't flinch, but if Drew Lock is the starter for half the season in Denver, this could end up looking disastrous. There were some potentially legitimate contributors on the board when Hill was drafted. It just didn't feel like Denver needed to pay up for Flacco and they did anyway. 

Jets trade for Sam Darnold, Colts get picks

Jets get: Sam Darnold (2018 first-round pick, No. 3 overall)

Colts get: Quenton Nelson (2018 first-round pick, No. 6 overall), Braden Smith (2018 second-round pick, No. 37), Kemeko Turay (2018 second-round pick, No. 52), Rock Ya-Sin (2019 second-round pick, No. 34)

There's no way the Jets are going to feel bad about this deal after landing Darnold, but it's important to see what the Colts ended up pulling in the haul. And it was quite the haul. Chris Ballard did great work here, getting two starting offensive linemen out of the deal and landing a top 35 pick in this year's draft to pull Ya-Sin, a guy many people believe is the top corner in this class. Turay was acquired in a trade down, so there's also the bonus of picking up running back Jordan Wilkins out of Ole Miss. This is a win-win for both sides, though, as New York ended up with a franchise quarterback. Credit Indy for doing a lot with the draft capital they got back: that's part of the process here. It's a reminder to always trade down too. 

Dolphins trade Jarvis Landry to Browns

Dolphins get: Durham Smythe (2018 fourth-round pick, No. 123), Myles Gaskin (2019 seventh round pick, No. 234)

Browns get: Jarvis Landry

Miami put the franchise tag on Landry, another in a long line of "floating in space" moves for this franchise the past decade plus, before shipping him off to Cleveland. Landry's contract he got from the Browns isn't ideal and the Dolphins are better off not having him in their current state of rebuild. On the other hand, it's clear Landry is a big locker room guy for the Browns and there's little doubt his close personal connection with Beckham helped grease the wheels for this deal. Cleveland has the better player here, but Miami's haul is fine for its situation. 

Chiefs trade Marcus Peters to Rams

Chiefs get: Armani Watts (2018 fourth-round pick, No. 124), Juan Thornhill (2019 second-round pick, No. 63)

Rams get: Marcus Peters

It's hard to really evaluate the last pick the Rams got because they packaged it with Robert Quinn and got a fourth- and a sixth-round pick back in the 2018 NFL Draft in return. But we can basically put the two players the Chiefs drafted up against Peters for the sake of simplicity. And honestly, I don't mind the haul, with the Chiefs picking up a potential first-round value in UVA safety Juan Thornhill late in the second round with the future second-round pick. This was a good draft to have second-day picks and the Chiefs needed defensive help. Watts wasn't an impact guy but they have depth in the secondary. Of course, they need defensive backs because they traded a good one in Peters. Peters hasn't signed a long term deal with the Rams, yet, though, and if he ends up walking away this might look like a nice move by Kansas City for the long haul. I'd prefer Thornhill to whatever compensatory pick Peters might net. The Rams shot their shot and nearly won a Super Bowl, so it's hard to fault them.

Browns trade Danny Shelton to Patriots

Browns get: 2019 third-round pick (traded to Giants)

Patriots get: Danny Shelton, 2018 fifth-round pick (No. 159)

This one is crazy complex. But, as part of this deal, the Browns ended up getting a third-round pick, which they packed with all that other stuff and sent to the Giants for OBJ. Suffice to say they don't regret this deal. The Patriots got Shelton and then used that fifth-round pick to trade to the Raiders in order to get Cordarrelle Patterson and a sixth-round pick, which they would then use to select Braxton Berrios. So the Patriots got Shelton, Patterson, Berrios (and won a Super Bowl) with a third-round pick. Not too shabby.

Texans trade Duane Brown to Seahawks

Texans get: Martinas Rankin (2018 3rd round pick), Lonnie Johnson (2019 second-round pick, No. 54)

Seahawks get: Duane Brown, Shaquem Griffin (2018 fifth-round pick, No. 141 overall)

This deal shouldn't be lost in the mix when we talk about the Seahawks ability to re-tool their entire team on the fly. Brown was a helpful addition during the 2017 season, but he was a big part of why Seattle was able to actually field a dominant offensive line last season. Brown held out in Houston for a new deal, which led to him being moved and while Houston got a second-round pick out of the deal and a nice player in Lonnie Johnson, I would venture a guess they'd prefer to have someone who could protect Deshaun Watson instead. 

Future deals still pending

Raiders trade Khalil Mack to Bears

Raiders get: Josh Jacobs (2019 1st round pick, No. 24 overall), 2019 sixth round pick (traded to Jets), 2020 1st round pick, TBD; 2020 3rd round pick, TBD

Bears get: Khalil Mack, 2020 2nd round pick, TBD

The obvious swap here is Mack for Jacobs + two players to be determined, although two things remain on this pick. The Bears still have a second-round pick coming back from Oakland next year (Gruden is going to be annoyed when that pick is made) and the Raiders had that sixth-round pick this year. It's hard to follow, but the Raiders packaged that pick and Kelechi Osemele in a deal to the Jets, then used the fourth-round pick they got back as part of a package to move down from 35 twice and acquire a bunch of additional picks before eventually landing Travyon Mullen out of Clemson. You can't put him in the equation, but the additional draft capital certainly helped produce more players in this draft for the Raiders. It's going to be really awkward if David Montgomery is better than Jacobs, but regardless I think the Bears are probably fine with the deal, even after paying Mack a ton of money.

Chiefs trade Dee Ford to 49ers

Chiefs get: 49ers 2020 second-round pick, TBD

49ers get: Dee Ford

The Chiefs tagged Ford and then dealt him to San Francisco and promptly took that pick from the 49ers and POTENTIALLY packaged it in a deal below. You sort of have to look at the Chiefs end of this deal through the prism of the Clark deal -- they gave up Ford and a first-round pick for Clark. Hmm. The 49ers clearly needed pass rush now and doubled down by trading for Ford and drafting Nick Bosa. If they give up a top 50 pick for Ford it's a huge disappointment. Anything higher and they'll be thrilled having made the playoffs. 

Seahawks trade Frank Clark to Chiefs

Seahawks get: L.J. Collier (2019 1st round pick, No. 29 overall), 2020 2nd round pick, TBD

Chiefs get: Frank Clark

The Seahawks also tagged Clark before swapping him for a nice haul from Kansas City. The Chiefs will send the "worse" of their two second-round picks next year to the Seahawks, meaning if they send their own pick instead of San Francisco's, things may have gone south in KC. Seattle's run defense and pass rush will be a focal point of discussions if it struggles. We'll see if Collier can fill the shoes Clark vacates, but certainly this is a case of Seattle needing some lower cost players and being willing to gamble on their player evaluation in the draft.