Last week's Power Rankings asked if it was time to push the panic button on the Toronto Maple Leafs, who had been spiraling out of control under Mike Babcock. One day later, Babcock was fired, ushering in the Sheldon Keefe era. Since then, the Leafs have discovered some new life by playing for a coach they actually like and one who seems willing to utilize his personnel in ways that tap into their strengths. It's a crazy idea, I know. 

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Maple Leafs are starting to trend in the right direction. Also, the Dallas Stars are continuing to make moves. They've effectively dusted a 1-7-1 start off its shoulder and been one of the best teams in the NHL over the past month or so. After some steady climbing, you'll finally find them in the Top 10 this week.

But at the very top is a club reaching the peak for the first time this season: The New York Islanders. Sure, they've lost their last two games but that's not enough to overlook a 17-game point streak that has continued to push them toward the top of the standings. 

For this week's edition of Power Rankings, we're celebrating Thanksgiving by highlighting one thing every team is thankful for this year. Let's break bread.

Biggest Movers
7 Stars
4 Predators
1 Islanders Thankful for the brilliant bulldog in a suit that they call Barry Trotz. 1 0-0-0
2 Bruins Thankful for the best line in hockey. 1 0-0-0
3 Capitals Thankful for durable Russian machinery. 2 0-0-0
4 Blues Thankful that the Department of Player Safety hasn't yet canceled Christmas for them. -- 0-0-0
5 Oilers Thankful that two great players are capable of carrying the weight of an entire team. -- 0-0-0
6 Hurricanes Thankful for Dougie Hamilton's beautiful ginger soul and his 10 goals before Thanksgiving. -- 0-0-0
7 Coyotes Thankful that there will be hot dogs at Thanksgiving this year. 1 0-0-0
8 Stars Thankful that the first month of the season doesn't actually count. 7 0-0-0
9 Avalanche So, so thankful that Cale Makar slipped to No. 4 in 2017. 2 0-0-0
10 Penguins Thankful that Sid and Geno had the decency to get hurt at different times. 1 0-0-0
11 Panthers Thankful they were only capable of signing Sergei Bobrovsky for seven years. 1 0-0-0
12 Lightning Thankful that they've been able to avoid the spotlight by being woefully mediocre so far this season. -- 0-0-0
13 Canucks Thankful that they're always entertaining, for better or for worse. -- 0-0-0
14 Canadiens Thankful that losing to bad teams doesn't cost more. 3 0-0-0
15 Jets Thankful that losing your entire defense isn't as bad as most people thought. 2 0-0-0
16 Golden Knights Thankful that Marc-Andre Fleury's body hasn't completely disintegrated into dust yet. -- 0-0-0
17 Sharks Thankful that there are five teams with worse goaltending than them this year. 1 0-0-0
18 Predators Thankful that they'll be able to save money on presents because both of their goalies switched over to the Naughty list. 4 0-0-0
19 Maple Leafs Thankful that Mike Babcock is gone and now everyone gets to tell stories about how terrible he is. 3 0-0-0
20 Flyers Thankful that Gritty is no longer the only exciting young stud on the block. 1 0-0-0
21 Sabres Thankful that everyone somehow forgot 2018 and took them seriously for a month. 2 0-0-0
22 Flames Thankful that goals aren't important. 1 0-0-0
23 Blackhawks Thankful that allowing plenty of shots to be taken is generally acceptable during the holidays. 3 0-0-0
24 Rangers Thankful for an incredible Artemi Panarin season that nobody really seems to be talking about. 1 0-0-0
25 Wild Thankful for Torey Krug, apparently, because they'll let him do whatever he wants when he's on the ice. 2 0-0-0
26 Ducks Thankful that John Gibson hasn't personally strangled everyone else on the roster by now. 2 0-0-0
27 Devils Thankful that they didn't actually get a 'Best Offseason 2019' trophy because they'd probably have to give it back. 1 0-0-0
28 Blue Jackets Thankful they have no impending UFAs to abandon them this season. 1 0-0-0
29 Senators Thankful they at least have their first round pick this year. 1 0-0-0
30 Kings Thankful that they figured out the problem was actually Taylor Swift. Definitely. 2 0-0-0
31 Red Wings Thankful that they haven't jumped to sign Mike Babcock. Yet. -- 0-0-0