The first major upset of the new Champions League season took place on Wednesday as Shakhtar Donetsk surprised Real Madrid in Spain with a 3-2 victory in the La Liga champions' pseudo home stadium. What added to this shocking result was that the Shakhtar were missing as many as 10 players due to the coronavirus, per reports, meaning that most of the team's side were not regulars in the starting XI.

The Ukrainian club was carried to the winner's circle thanks to an improbably first half that made it look like Real Madrid were the plucky underdogs looking to scrap some points from a favored European giant instead of the other way around. Tete got the scoring started in the 29th minute. This was followed up by an own goal from Raphael Varane and then topped off with Manor Solomon scoring off a cheeky back-heel assist.

The common denominator among the three goals was a quick counter from Shakhtar that Madrid were just not prepared for defensively. The pressure Los Blancos gave towards their opponents was often meek at best, which especially didn't help because eventually those counters involved into all-out pressure that forced Madrid to play with their backs against the wall.

The second half is where Zinedine Zidane's side finally showed signs of life. It began with Luka Modric scoring an absolute golazo from outside of the box that was hit with such power that not even Shakhtar's goalkeeper reacted to it. Then super sub Vinicius doubled Madrid's goal total for the match by scoring just seconds after coming on. 

Madrid looked to have gotten the back-breaking equalizer in injury time with Federico Valverde's shot from outside of the box deflecting into the back of the net. However, a VAR review of the play showed that Vinicius was not only in an offside position when the shot was taken, but was also obstructing the view of goalkeeper Anatoliy Trubin. It's a call that probably doesn't get made in the past, but technology has allowed such a decision to become a possibility

While Shakhtar were surely jubilant over the result, this massive loss just compounds the recent woes for Real Madrid. This is the second straight home loss for Madrid, who aren't even playing in their actual home stadium due to renovations, with the first coming against newly-promoted Cadiz last weekend in La Liga. Not only that, but they had twice as many shots as their Ukrainian opponents, meaning that the comeback, and perhaps even a victory, should have been possible. This, of course, is only made worse when the context of Shakhtar's team being mostly all backups and reserves is thrown into the mix.