Texas began alcohol sales at home football games in 2015, but the Longhorns fans increased their purchasing by 70 percent year-over-year in 2016.

A school report on the alcohol sales from the home football season was released this week and obtained by the Austin American-Statesman. The increase in alcohol sales -- which generated $3.1 million in revenue for Texas -- netted about $1.3 million for the athletic department as part of its contract with the distributors.

The uptick in sales also came at a time where the Longhorns saw a decline in wins, and ultimately the dismissal of Charlie Strong as head coach after a 5-7 regular season.

As you might expect, the school points to the mandatory alcohol training for the concession staff and "better weather" for the 2016 home games as reasons for the increase, and a spokesperson was quick to note to the Statesman that "preliminary results show a reduction in alcohol-related incidents when compared to last season."

"Concessions are a big part of the fan experience at Texas athletics events," UT associate athletic director Rebecca Haden told the Statesman. "Our fans have enjoyed the addition of beer and wine to the menu as shown by the outstanding numbers from this football season."

For those curious as the alcohol of choice, the school also released the beer selection breakdown:

1. Miller Lite: 98,535 beers sold

2. Coors Light: 95,096 beers sold

3. Bud Light: 34,257 beers sold

4. Shiner Bock: 1,411 beers sold

5. Lone Star: 952 beers sold

6. Michelob Ultra: 741 beers sold

7. Budweiser: 89 beers sold

With Tom Herman arriving in Austin, the hope for many Texas fans is that those cups are going to be raised in celebration more often in 2017.