The Mobile County Board of Education is being sued for $12 million by the parents of Rodney Kim Jr. after video surfaced of Kim -- a quarterback -- being beaten by about 20 upperclassmen in an apparent hazing incident. Four students have been suspended by Davidson High School, where the incident occurred, and three are in custody while the fourth remains wanted for assault on Kim, 14. All of the students in custody are under 18.

Kim suffered a myriad of injuries, including a broken arm, a busted lip, and bruises. In addition to the money, the parents are demanding that Davidson forfeit all of its 2018 games, fires its entire coaching staff and bans all 20 students involved in the incident. On a broader scale, they're demanding that hazing be banned in every high school across the nation, per

According to, the attack occurred on April 27 after a practice. While the Mobile County Schools Superintendent Martha Peek claims that coaches on hand rushed in to stop the incident, Kim's parents insist that isn't true.

"Excuse me, but that's a lie," Rodney Kim Sr., the student's father, said, per Hawaii News Now. "My child never encountered a coach until he was helped off the floor by a couple of other freshmen that are his friends and stumbled out of the field house, and that's when he bumped into the quarterbacks' coach coming around the corner. No coaches were ever in the vicinity."

The Kims also say that a similar incident had occurred a week earlier to another freshman. Per Fox 10, six school employees and a double-digit number of parents have reached out to the Kim family to discuss hazing incidents at Davidson.

The Kim family has also voiced frustration with the pace at which addressing this incident has moved at.

"My son did not deserve this. And everyone is dragging their feet, it's going too long so that's why we're doing what I think is best for my family, and that's why we're moving forward with the lawsuit," Kim Sr. said at a press conference, via Fox 10. 

As for the $12 million number, it's divvied up as $6 million to Rodney Jr. and $3 million for each parent.

"They've taken from him his dream, how much is a dream worth?" attorney Charles Bonner asked. "They've taken from him his dream of being a football player. He was a star football player. ... So 12 million, why 12 million? Because it's not enough for what they've left this boy with, he is damaged for life."

You can find the video here, via Deadspin. It has some NSFW language at the beginning and is, of course, violent.