Have you ever watched an instant replay review during a college football game and thought, "I sure wish we had more of these?" If you answered, "No," congratulations! You are smart -- and normal. If you answered, "Yes," well, you are likely the head of the Alabama High School Athletics Association (AHSAA).

Yes, replay reviews are coming to high school football in the state of Alabama. From AL.com:

In today's quarterly meeting of the AHSAA Central Board in Montgomery, the governing body approved the use of instant replay beginning this fall in Alabama high school football.

"The purpose of instant replay is to aid the officials in getting it right," AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese said.

Several states, including New Jersey and Minnesota, have used or plan to use replay in championship games, but Alabama is believed to the first state to have instant replay available at all high school games.

Yes, I too am shocked that Texas doesn't already have this.

Anyway, other options the AHSAA may or may not have considered included hitting themselves over the head with a wooden board repeatedly and peeling off toenails with pliers during timeouts.

OK, so maybe I just made that up, but the truth is it's not much more ridiculous than having replay reviews in high school football games.

I understand why you would want replay available in state championship games, and possibly playoff games, but regular season games? Really?!

I know that high school football is more important in some parts of the country than others, but this is simply overkill. Oh, and it's going to be quite expensive, too.

Are we even sure that replay has improved the product on the college and NFL levels? Yes, it helps get calls correct, but even then it only accomplishes that task some of the time.

The AHSAA is calling this an experiment, but for some reason, I doubt that after the experiment's over they'll decide to do away with replay. Instead, they'll look for ways to "improve" the replay process, and those ways will ultimately just mean reviewing more plays.